Wonderful Wednesday and Terrific Thursday Sundance Schedules

Reminders –

Please notify the Main office with your departure date, drop off mailing labels, and leave info on who will be your property caretaker.

Main office hours beginning Monday 4/18 will be 9am-12pm Monday through Friday.  Name badges, ice, and quarters will be available.

Activity office hours are 8:30am-3pm through Friday 4/15 and after that time will be closed for the season.

Room Schedules today –

Hang Out Room – Euchre 7pm

Hole in the Wall – 9am Walk Exercise, 10:30am Senior Stretch

Gamblin’ Room – 1pm Mah Jongg, 6:30pm Cribbage and Progressive Hand Foot & Toe

Thursday 4/14 –

Hang Out Room – 9am Reserved, 3:30pm Darts, 6pm Poker

Hole in the Wall – 9am Walk Exercise

Gamblin’ Room – 9am Hand Foot & Toe, 1pm Pinochle, 7pm Mexican train dominoes

Ranch House Meetin’ Room – 7pm Bridge

Shops will have hours when Monitors are available.  Please check with the Activity office to see if a key has been checked out.

Weather/Wind permitting – 9am Shuffleboard,  1pm Pool 2 Water Volleyball

Classes – Friday 4/15 at the Ranch House Meetin’ Room will be a Cardmaking class. Sign up in Activities and fee will be 4 cards for $10 that you personalize to fit your style. Samples are also on sign up sheet.  If you are unable to attend class, please contact Sue right away.

I have keys, but no locks. I have space, but no room. You can enter, but you can’t go outside. What am I?    Scroll down


Answer – A computer keyboard     :  )