The Sundance BUZZ…………..ard for June 18th, 2020

The Sundance BUZZ…………..ard for June 18th, 2020 Good Friday Eve Sundancers, Now that the governor is leaving it to the individual municipalities and cities to decide about mandatory mask wearing, here in Casa Grande it is mandatory if the 6 feet distance cannot be maintained – such as people passing in aisles at stores and businesses. We will have posters … Read More

The Sundance BUZZ…………..ard for June 11th, 2020

Good Sunny Friday Eve, Please join me at Morning Coffee and Donuts tomorrow, Friday the 12th of June from 7:30 -8:45 am in the newly renovated HANGOUT ROOM. Please remember to bring your own coffee cup. This will be the first official happening in the room. Starting tomorrow The Gamblin Room will be closed for the remainder of the summer … Read More

Sundance BUZZ…ard Reminder

Just a reminder Sundance:Please join me for Friday Morning Coffee (and donuts) in the Gamblin Room 7:30 – 8:45am. Although we do not have any park sponsored activities at this time the Gamblin room, Exercise room and both swimming pools are open for your use. Please be safe and practice social distancing when using the facilities. In observance of Memorial … Read More

Sundance Thursday BUZZ…..ard

Happy Day Sundance!We have been missing you at morning coffee. Taking into consideration the numbers of participants and the general feelings of the park members we have decided to take a more cautious approach to summer activities. To keep everyone safe and help everyone feel more secure, we have decided to take it slow until mid-June when we will reevaluate. … Read More

Sundance Friday BUZZ…ard for 5/15/2020

Good Morning Sundance!Today is May 15, 2020 and the stay at home order will expire today, YAY! Tomorrow we will be having morning coffee / chat (donuts will be available), in the Gambling Room starting at 7:30. I am sure we have a lot of catching up to do. We will need to be mindful of the 6-foot social distancing … Read More

Sundance Mid-Week Buzz….ard — Correction

Sorry for the confusion folks, I got ahead of myself and forgot to include Managements Notice. So to correct that here it is and hopefully my message from earlier this morning will make more sense. Yay! The pools will be open today at 1 PM– The Exercise Room and the Gamblin’ Room will be open beginning Saturday May 16, 2020. … Read More

Sundance mid-week Buzz…ard

Thank you, Management, for the guidelines. With what was decided I need to go back to the drawing board to adjust some items on the calendar regarding room assignments. Please note Saturday ‘s Morning Coffee / Chat will now be held in the Gambling Room starting @ 7:30. It will be very much appreciated if everyone can attend. The Lunch … Read More

Sundance Friday Buzz…ARD (Activities, Reminders & Destinations)

Hello Sundance! In just a few days the stay at home order should be lifted and hopefully we can come together again. We will still need to be mindful of social distancing. I would like to invite you to morning coffee on Saturday the 16th in the Hangout room starting at 7:30 am. At that time, we hope to discuss … Read More

Sundance Friday Update

Good Morning & Happy May Day Sundance! Give yourself a round of applause. We all should be PROUD of how well we are handling the stay at home order. Since the Governor has extended the order until May 15th, the calendar for May is still in the works. We need to do some rescheduling of rooms to facilitate social distancing … Read More

Another Fine Thursday Sundance!

Jack, Gary and Kathy from the 2 Old Dudes, want to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone for their generosity to the tip jar. From Oct. 29, 2019 to Apr. 14 2020 you have donated $1,726. All proceeds have been given to the Sundance Veterans Group. Introducing….. Good morning and welcome to the summer season at Sundance! My name … Read More