It’s Hump Day Sundance!

Notes– Please continue to break down boxes before placing them into the dumpsters. Speed limit is 15mph throughout our community for all motorized vehicles, golf carts, scooters and bicycles.  Do stop at all marked intersections in the park and always check to make sure that your lights are in good working order. MGN Sales reminds everyone to resist the temptation … Read More

Sundance! It’s Tuesday!

Notes – Please bring your key and pick up your mail often as parcels and mail is increasing as more guests arrive.  If you don’t bring your key, we will ask that you show a form of I.D. If someone else is picking up your mail, please let the Mailroom know. When you arrive, please give the Main office know … Read More

Sundance Monday! Let’s Get Started!

Notes- Please do not cut through any sites within Sundance.  We don’t want to have utilities or plants damaged. Please towel off before leaving the pool areas to lessen water accumulation on the restroom/shower floors.  Drips create slips and we want everyone to be safe. MGN Homes would like to welcome everyone to a full and eventful season here at … Read More

Sundance Friday and Fun!

Busy weekend here at Sundance and out of the park too! Notes- It’s so great to see that evening and early morning walkers are using flashlights.  It makes it so much easier for vehicles to see  you. Golf carts, bikes and scooters do need to have operational lights on them. Please pick up after your dogs when out and about … Read More

Sundance Thursday and the Fun Continues!

Notes- Welcome to all the new arrivals!  We do ask that you wear name badges while in the park.  They are required to participate in any activity. Keep us up to date by filling out the contact form located in Activities.  Life changes so we want to make sure we the most current info on file for you.  Once completed … Read More

Welcome December 01 and Wednesday Too!

Notes- Please continue to break down boxes before placing them in the dumpsters.  This has been a great help to keep the dumpsters from filling faster. Your patience is appreciated while we wait on parts or personnel to fix the spa in Sundance 2.  We are doing our best to get the problem resolved . We are mid-week and still … Read More

Smoke Signal December 2021

Sundance 1 RV Resort SMOKE SIGNAL DECEMBER 2021 Manager’s Notes We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you’re already here or coming soon! Things are really starting to hustle and bustle here at the park. Dances, Karaoke, Jammers, and many new activities! Be sure to check with Activities to see what’s coming up! It is still encouraged to use … Read More

Sundance, Tuesday and Busy!

Notes- When you arrive at Sundance, give the Main office a call (520-426-9662) to let us know you are here.  All new community members are encouraged to take a free park tour once you are settled in.  It is well worth your time to learn more about what Sundance offers.  If you have new neighbors, make sure you mention the … Read More

Monday and a Busy Week!

Busy week ahead so let’s get started! Notes–  We will have more rigs arriving this week so do abide by all marked intersections and the posted speed limit of 15mph throughout our community. When walking in the early morning or at night, be sure to carry a flashlight and have it on so approaching vehicles can see you.  Golf carts, … Read More

Friday at Sundance and the Weekend Ahead!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the special people in your life.  Sundance Thanksgiving was filled with great company, laughter, fellowship and good food!  Thank you to everyone who helped with clean up. Reminders – Pick up your mail often and always bring your key.  With the holidays upon us mail increases and we only have so … Read More