The Sundance BUZZ…………..ard for June 11th, 2020

Good Sunny Friday Eve,

Please join me at Morning Coffee and Donuts tomorrow, Friday the 12th of June from 7:30 -8:45 am in the newly renovated HANGOUT ROOM. Please remember to bring your own coffee cup. This will be the first official happening in the room. Starting tomorrow The Gamblin Room will be closed for the remainder of the summer season.

Other updates:

Library: The Library will be closed starting Monday, June 15th at approximately 3 pm until further notice. The bookshelves in the laundry room are still there for you to make selections.

Pool 1: Pool 1 will be closed for renovations beginning on June 15th until completion. Don’t dispare because Pool 2 is still open.

Laundry Room: Please be advised that the Laundry room will be open but undergoing some renovations, so access to some machines may be limited. Please be mindful of others that may need to use a machine or two.
That’s all for now Sundance,