The Sun is Rising Over Sundance!

What a beautiful morning!

Reminder that masks are to be worn in all park facilities other than the pool. Masks should be of cloth-like material. Plastic type face coverings must have a cloth mask worn with it.

Speed limit is 15mph and please stop at all stop signs.

We have Activity/Room Coordinators available for Genealogy, Yoga, and Woodworking. If your passion is any one of these please stop in Activities and let us know.

Don’t forget that Smoke Signal articles can be emailed or dropped off at the Activity office during business hours of 9am-3pm.

We’re celebrating Halloween on Sat. Oct. 31,  5-8pm at the Hole in the Wall. George Hickman (Entertainment by George on FB) will be providing us with a variety of music. Dress in your best costume and enter the contest! Prizes will be awarded.  Purchase tickets in Activities now for $2 each. Come on out and let’s have some fun!

Sundance Church is planning on holding services beginning on Sun. Nov. 08 at 8:45am at the Hole in the Wall. Social distancing and masks will be required.

Volunteer and Gate Monitor sign up sheets are available in Activities.

In the works-

Flu shots, Country Store, tentative start date for Activities (Mon. Nov. 02)


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference to make.” – Jane Goodall