Terrific Tuesday Sundance!

Join us this morning at the Hole in the Wall at 8:30am for the Round Up Meeting.  We will have coffee and morning munchies available for you to enjoy.  This is a great way to learn about upcoming events and park news!

After the Round Up Meeting go the Hang Out Room for the last casting call for Dessert Theater.  If you already have a part in the play please plan on attending.  We do have a couple of opportunities available with speaking parts, non-speaking parts and support staff.  Our play is “Fortunes Told, $1” and will be presented Tuesday through Thursday on 2/22-24.

Secret Ingredient will not be here today.  Very sorry for the inconvenience.

Rzr Group will meet at the McDonald’s in Florence at 8:30am.  We hope you will join us!

Take out orders for New Year’s Eve Dinner will be at 3:30-4pm.  Dinner service will begin at 4pm until 6pm.  Today is the last day to purchase dinner tickets.  We hope you will join us!

Tonight, at the Hole in the Wall Bingo will be played. Card sales 6-6:45pm and game starts at 7pm.  Name badges are required and Sundance and Fairways is invited.  Please pay with small currency, no alcohol or public is invited.

Art Barn will have Fiber Art at 9am and Open Art at 1pm.

Gamblin’ Room will have Wood Carvers at 9am, 5 Crowns at 9:30am. Samba is played at 6:30pm and Pinochle is at 7pm.

Join us for Darts in the Hang Out Room at 3:30pm.  We do have darts available for you to use.

Ranch House Meetin’ Room has Hardanger at 1pm.  Stop by to check out this needlework.

Stop by Activities to check out the multiple sign ups we have for you.  We want to keep you busy!

-“Only do what your heart tells you.” Princess Diana