Sundance Weekend

Patio Sales will be 8am-12pm throughout the park on Saturday 12/12. This is an advertised event and the public has been asked to mask up and social distance. When cleaning up after the sale, please break down all boxes before placing them in the dumpsters.  Furniture should donated to an organization and not placed in dumpsters.

The Library is unable to accept donations of books at this time.  Please donate them to another good cause.

Aluminum cans can be dropped off at site 171. Crushed is preferred although we accept them all. Please place then in the container.  All proceeds are donated to the Sundance/Fairways Veterans.  Let’s support our Vets!

If you’re interested in oil painting, bring your supplies every Monday, beginning 12/14, to the Art Barn 1pm-3:45pm and paint to your hearts content.  Watercolor painters can join in and all skill levels are encouraged to join us.


Enjoy your weekend