Sundance Thursday!

Keep an eye on the weather today as blowing dust and wind is expected today.  (estimated 30mph around 5pm).

Thu. 3/25   2 Old Dudes will be open 11am-2pm.   At the Hole in the Wall we have Walk Exercise at 9am.  The last Line Dance class will be at 1pm ($2 fee per person).   Bingo theme is “goodbye” and seating is still available.  We have one more session next Tue. 3/30 with seats still open.

Gamblin’ Room has Hand, Foot & Toe playing at 9am, Pinochle at 1pm, Dominoes at 6:30pm and Cribbage at 7pm.

Hang Out Room will have Darts at 3:30pm and Dealers Choice at 6pm.

Art Barn aka building #2 will be open to any and all art projects beginning at 9am-12pm and 1pm 3:45pm.  Everyone is invited to check out what we are working or join in on the fun and share ideas!

Gourd Shop aka Building #1 will be closed this morning and open in the Afternoon.  If you have projects in progress, do make sure to complete them as our closing date is Thu. 4/1.

On Fri. 3/26 bring your Happy Hour to Pool 1 Patio,  4-6pm and enjoy the great music of Warren Young.  With 40 years of musical experience and experience in acoustic and Rhythm guitars, his music is sure to please.  Bring your beverage, personal snacks and chair if you like and join us!  NO glass containers allowed on patio, pool or hot tub area.

Sat. 3/27  A Celebration of Life for Steve Shepard and Hummingbird Garden Dedication will be held next to the MGN Sales office at 11am.  At the Family’s request this will be a light, short service and please wear your masks and social distance.  There will be a limited number of chairs set up so you may wish to bring your own.  The road will be closed beginning at 10am until approximately 12:30pm.

Please note – Weeds….. please make sure that you tend to them right away as they will be taking over your site in no time.  Before you depart to your next destination please drop off mailing labels at the Main office and let them know who your caretaker is for the summer.

Computer Lab will be closing Mon. 4/5.  If you need mailing labels please stop in before that time. Our hours at this time are 9-11:45am Mon., Wed., Fri.

Beginning Mon. 3/29 the Activity office will have new hours! Mon. – Sat. 8:30am-3pm.  Ice and quarters will be available via the Host (520-213-5914) until 4pm and on Sundays as well.


What is full of holes but can still hold water?                                                                        A sponge