Sundance Park Reminders for the Week of Sept. 27, 2021

Maintenance –

Pool 1 reparis and restoration continues through October 2.  Feel free to take a look through the fence on the progress being made.  Thank you for juggling your plans as Pool 2 activity has increased.

Road work is still scheduled for Wed. Oct. 06 through Fri. Oct. 08, 2021  UPDATED maps are posted throughout the park.  Please do not enter work zones and watch for consturction workers and equipment.


Main Office –

We’ve had a few recent emergencies and have discovered that emergency contact info for many guests is outdated. Life happens and addresses, phone numbers, and emails change and we want to make sure everything on file for you is current.  We are asking that all Sundance guests/residents to please update your personal and emergency contact info with the Main office.   You can not list a Sundance snowbird as your emergency contact.  Please clearly print your name, address (summer and winter locations), phone number, email address along with name, address and phone number of your emergency contact on paper and drop it off in the drop box in the hallway between the office and mailroom or give to our front desk team.

When you arrive, please call or stop by the office to let us know you are here. 520-426-9662

Contact Airbeam in advance to get on their list for installation. They are 4-6 weeks out at this time.

Office hours are 9am – Noon, Monday – Friday.


Activities –

October Summer calendar will be posted in the Hang Out room, the Laudry room and on the bulletin board in the outdoor hallway by Activities.   You can also pick up a copy at the Main office or Mailroom.  SD 2 peeps can find theirs in the box by the mailboxes.

Winter calendar for October will be out soon.