Sundance Mid-Week Buzz….ard — Correction

Sorry for the confusion folks, I got ahead of myself and forgot to include Managements Notice. So to correct that here it is and hopefully my message from earlier this morning will make more sense.

Yay! The pools will be open today at 1 PM–

The Exercise Room and the Gamblin’ Room will be open beginning Saturday May 16, 2020. (The Hangout Room will be closed for renovations until further notice.)

Please be aware of the following information. It is up to you and your following of the rules as to the areas remaining open, during this time of promoting Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger Arizona!

~ Maintaining Social Distancing (6 ft) unless living in the same Household.

~ If you are sick please stay home.

~ At the POOLS – For your safety disinfectant spray is available at both pools to
spray down the tables, chairs & loungers as YOU feel is needed.

EXERCISE ROOM – It is your responsibility to spray and wipe down the
equipment you use with disinfectant.

GAMBLIN’ ROOM – Park staff will clean the room and disinfect tables and chairs
daily but any games, cards, etc. it is your responsibility to clean them.

~ Park pool noodles will NOT be available for use but feel free to bring your own
floating device that allows for maintaining the 6 ft rule.

~ You are responsible for taking your personal belongings home with you – any
items left behind, at the pool or in any of the rooms, will be tossed.

Thank you for your patience and now let’s enjoy slowly getting back to LIFE!!

Park Management