Sundance Friday & Weekend Schedule !

News Notes-

15mph Speed limit applies to all vehicles on Sundance roadways.  Please stop at all marked intersections and this does apply to all vehicles, bikes, golf carts and scooters.  Our roads are not for your training purposes.  We do want everyone to have a safe winter season.

Pick up after your pet and keep them on leash.  Do not bring your fur baby to the Main office complex, mailbox area, pool, or in or near other buildings.  It doesn’t matter if you are carrying them or not, they are not allowed.

The local food pantries have been hit hard by one of their suppliers closing up.  If you can buy non-perishable food items and drop them off in the box in the Activity office, it would be a wonderful gesture.

Your Activity Team works hard to bring you a variety of things to do.  Make sure that you purchase your dance tickets to Classic Example Band who will be here on Saturday 1/15 at the Hole in the Wall 7-10pm.  Tickets are $10 and they play a wide variety of Country, R & B, classic rock and surf music.  Let’s get together and have a party.  Visit their site for more info!

We will be having Karaoke on Wednesday 1/12 at Pool 1 Patio starting at 4pm.  Bring your happy hour to the patio along with your vocals for some great fun!

Friday 1/7-

Join Dining with the Duffies for breakfast and lunch at the Hole in the Wall 7:30am-1pm.  Afterwards take a stroll through our many vendors at the Country Store Craft show 9am-12pm.  There is a wide variety of talent displaying their wares today!

At 1:30pm Dessert Theater will have rehearsal at the Hole in the Wall.

Art Barn has Beginner Dot Painting class at 1pm.  Sign up was required for this class.

Gamblin’ Room will have Wood Carving at 9am with Samba played at 1pm.  Pegs & Jokers is played at 7pm.

Hang Out Room will have Jam practice at 8:30am and Crafty Ladies will be there at 1pm.

Ranch House Meetin’ Room will have Greeting Card Making class at 1pm.  4 cards that you create for $10.

Saturday 1/8-

Art Barn will have Beginner Dot Painting Class at 9am.  Sign up was required for this class.

Photo Club will meet at the Gamblin’ Room at 9am.  If you would like to check out our group, feel free to come on in and see what we are all about.  Mah Jongg is played at 1pm.  Hand Foot and Toe is at 6:30pm and Pinochle is at 7pm.

Hang Out will have Bunco playing at 7pm.  Fee is $3 to play and everyone is welcome to join us.

Hole in the Wall will have the MASA  lunch seminar at 11am.  We will be showing a great movie at 7pm featuring Tom Hanks and Leonardo Decaprio.  Bring your comfy chair, snacks and beverage for a very enjoyable evening.

Sunday 1/9-

Gamblin’ Room will have Texas Hold’em at 4pm and Dominoes will be played at 7pm.

Hang Out will have Trio practice at 1pm and Tournament Texas Hold’em at 6pm.

Church services will be held at 8:30am at the Hole in the Wall.  All Sundance residents/guests are invited to attend.   Musical Review will practice at 12pm.

In front of Activities, we will have a Bike Blessing at 10am.  All bike and trike owners are encouraged to attend this spiritual event and afterwards we will depart on a ride.  If you have not attended a blessing, everyone is encouraged to attend and wish our riders well.

Ranch House Meetin’ Room will have Bridge at 7pm.

Stain Glass is having another raffle and you are invited to view their newest creation at the Country Store. The window is a cactus and sunset set theme and all proceeds will go towards shop enhancements.  Raffle tickets are 7 for $5 or $1 each and can be purchased at the Country Store or in Stained Glass shop during business hours.

The January Hand, Foot & Toe Tournament is Monday 1/10 in the Gamblin’ Room at 6pm.  Those participants that have sign up are to arrive by 6pm.  If you have signed up and are unable to play, please contact Jim M no later than Sunday afternoon.

Alaska state Potluck will be held on Saturday 2/5 in the Hang Out Room at 4pm.  Sign up is posted in the Activity office.

A Fashion sale will be held on Monday at the Hole in the Wall at 10am.  There will be a wide variety of clothing and accessories available for purchase.  No Walk Exercise or Senior Stretch classes will be held.