Sundance Friday and the Weekend!

It’s Friday and there is much to do when you stay with us!

Business Notes –  When you arrive, please call the Main office to let us know.  If you plan on being out of the park for seven days or more, do let us know.

Unoccupied sites are not to be used as your personal road.  You could accidently hit a utility or structure causing damage.  Please use our asphalt roads when in the park and follow all signage and speed limits.

Please note that the Main office and Activity office will be closing at 12:30pm for the day on Wednesday, 11/17.  Normal business hours resume on Thursday, 11/18.

Name badges are required to participate in any activity this season.  By wearing your name badge, it also helps identify that you are our guest and if you were to have a medical event, we would know who to contact.

Due to the many activities that we offer, there will be room sharing.  Please be courteous and don’t arrive more than 15 minutes early for your event.  Arriving early does cause distraction to other events taking place in the room.  Thank you.

Health News

Hearing Life will be here today at the Ranch House conducting screenings at the Ranch House Meetin’ Room.  If you have made an appointment, please plan on attending.

Fun Things to Do!

Today – Gamblin’ Room – 9am Wood Carving, 1pm Samba, 7pm Pegs & Jokers.

Hang Out Room – 8:30am Jammers practice, 1pm Crafty Ladies.

Hole in the Wall – 9am Walk Exercise.

Water Volleyball will now be played Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1-3pm at Pool 2 beginning today!

Sat. 11/13

Our first dance will be at 7pm at the Hole in the Wall with JC & Laney performing.  Tickets are $10 in advance, $11 at the door.  Bring your favorite beverage and munchies. Soda and water will be available for purchase and we will have ice too.  Door open at 6:30pm.

Gamblin’ Room – 1pm Mah Jongg, 6:30pm Hand Foot & Toe, 7pm Pinochle.

Sun. 11/14

Hole in the Wall – 8:30am Church services.

Hang Out – 1pm Trio practice, 6pm Tournament Texas Hold’em.

Gamblin’ Room – 4pm Texas Hold’em, 6:30pm Dominoes, 7pm Bridge

Coordinators and volunteers are needed for Park Decorating, Sundance Float, and IL.,IN., & OH. Potluck. Please come to Activities if you are interested in any of these.

On Wednesday, 11/17 we will be having another Float Meeting at 11am in the Hang Out Room.  If you have talent, suggestions, or wish to help in construction, please plan on attending.

Softball News –  The Sundance Mustangs got back on the winning track on Thursday with a win over the Robson Ranch Roadrunners, 21-17.  Many players had a good day at the bat.  Next game will be on Tuesday 11/16 with a double header at the Palm Creek Field. 11:30am will be against the Palm Creek Razorbacks and at 12:45pm Mission Royale Titans.  Mustangs are now 3 wins 2 losses.

Monday 11/15 Senior Stretch will be at the Hole in the Wall at 10:30am.  Jam session will be at 6:30pm.

Couples and Pattern Dance are currently on a short hiatus until Tuesday, 1/4/22.  Both classes have been removed from the Hole in the Wall calendar until then.  Thank you.

We have plenty of things planned for you to do!  Stop by Activities to check out the classes being offered, tickets that are available, and Tag-Alongs that can be taken.  We also have quarters for laundry, ice, clothing, and smiling faces too!

“Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” –  Adlai Stevenson II