Sun is Shining and it IS Another Beautiful Day at Sundance!


Before entering the pools or spas, please shower.  Body oils do leave a film on tiles and the chemicals that are used do not remove them.  Let’s keep our pools and spas sparkling!

Detention ponds ARE NOT for dog use and there are signs posted accordingly.  Please keep your fur babies is designated areas only.

Fun Stuff ! –

If you attended the Happy Hour last night with Bob Villa, thank you for coming.  We will see if we can have him back for more great music and some comedy too!

Smoke Signal articles need to be in Activities by Monday, 12/20.  Drop them off or email them to . All groups, clubs, and residents are encouraged to participate.

Sundance Community wide patio sales will be this Saturday, 12/11 8am-Noon. This is a perfect opportunity to sell your overflow of household goods and crafts.  Public is invited to shop.

If you  purchased tickets for the Hale Theatre Tag-Along to the show A Christmas Carol you will want to leave the park around 12:45 for you 2pm performance.  We do have 2 tickets available for purchase that were returned due to a family emergency.  You  can buy them in Activities for $32 each.

Sundance Christmas Dinner tickets are $12 each and available in Activities.  We hope you will join us at 3:30pm for Social and 4pm for a delicious ham dinner prepared by Dining with the Duffie’s. Please purchase by Friday, 12/17.

The Billiard Room is inviting women and men to join in on the Pool Tournaments that are held every Tuesday and Thursdays at 9am.  All skill levels encouraged to join in on the fun!

Last call for you to sign up for your free hearing screening this Frida 12/10 at the Ranch House Meetin’ Room.  Appointments are available to fit your schedule.

SkyMed will be hosting a pizza lunch/seminar on Tuesday, 12/14 in the Hang Out Room at 11:30am.  Sign up is in Activities for this informational event.

Attention Hand, Foot & Toe players!  We will have 2 tournaments this season. The first one will be on Monday, 1/20/22 at the Gamblin’ Room at 6pm.  The second one will also be in the Gamblin’ Room on Monday, 2/21/22.  You will need to sign-up during regular sessions of HFT prior to each tournament.

We have Angels on our tree in Activities that have a few items missing off of their wish list.  Stop in to see if you can fill one!  All gifts should be in the Activity office by Friday, 12/10 at 3:45pm.   Thank you all for participating in this event.

Beginners Pickleball will be at 11am today at the courts.  Please wear closed toed shoes. We have the equipment for you to use. Play schedules are posted in Activities.

Chair Massage by Mandy appointments will go fast so come to Activities to pick you time. $10 for 10/15-minute massage. The event will be held at the Ranch House Meetin’ Room on Thursday, 12/16 beginning at 8am.  Appointment is required.

We have Chaps tickets available for the Hale Theatre Tag-Along on Friday, 1/7/22 at 4pm.  Tickets are $32 each and sign up by Wednesday, 12/20.

Volunteers are needed for Casino Night which will be Friday, 1/28/22.  Sign up in Activities.  Dessert Theatre is looking for you to fill parts in their February production.  Stop in at Activities and we will provide you with more info.

Mark your calendar and put on your dancing shoes for the Jammers production, Boot, Scoot & Boogie on Friday, 1/17 at 6:30pm at the Hole in the Wall.  This will be a fun night of music and dance.  This is a donation-based event.

Don’t forget to support the Sundance/Fairways Veterans by purchasing raffle tickets for handmade items they have available.  A quilt, a lovely crotchet throw, patriotic stain glass picture and a beautifully beaded bracelet are available for viewing in Activities.  Tickets are available in Activities and are 7 for $5 or $1 each.  It only takes one to win and all proceeds will benefit local Veteran projects.

Stained Glass shop is raffling off a butterfly stepping stone. Check it our in Activities and purchase tickets too. They are $1 each or 7 for $5.  All proceeds will go towards enhancing the shop.


Come to the Art Barn at 9am with any type of Art project or check out what we are working on.  We are here to offer support, socializing and to teach you a new hobby.  9am-12pm and 1-3:45pm.

Hand Foot & Toe is played in the Gamblin’ Room at 9am.  1pm Pinochle is played and Dominoes is at 7pm.  Everyone is encouraged to stop in and learn something new!

Hang Out is reserved this morning and Darts is played at 3:30pm.  If you want to see if this is something you would enjoy, we have darts available for you to use.  Poker is at 6pm.

Walk Exercise takes the floor at 9am at the Hole in the Wall and Line Dancing is at 1:30pm. There is a $2 fee for dance.

Bridge is played at the Ranch House Meetin’ Room at 7pm this evening.


Art Barn will have Open Dot Painting with Pam at 12:30pm.  Bring your current projects or stop in to see what this form of art is all about.

Wood Carving is in the Gamblin’ Room at 9am.  If you would like to try this craft out, you are encouraged to try one of our beginner projects.  At 1pm Samba is played and Pegs & Jokers is at 7pm.

Hang Out will have Jam practice at 8:30am and Crafty Ladies will be there at 1pm.  Any crafter is encouraged to join us for fun, laughter and project pointers.

Hoel in the Wall will have Walk Exercise at 9am followed by Senior Stretch at 10:30am. Both classes are to keep you moving with low impact exercise.

Ranch House Meetin’ Room will have hearing Screening at 9am-12pm. Appointment is required.

-“Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” -Jack Benny