Smoke Signal Nov. 2020

Sundance 1 LLC Park Requirements

Failure to follow these guidelines may force us to close the activity/room.

  • A signed Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement is required to be on file in the Activities office for all residents and guests that are staying at Sundance 1 RV Resort and want to use any of the amenities.
  • Once waiver is signed, you will receive a gold wristband. The wristband along with a cloth mask and Sundance name badge will be required to participate in any activity offered by the park or to enter any park facility.
  • For pool or hot tub use, the wristband should be worn and your name badge should be attached to your cover up or shirt.
  • Replacement bands will be available for $ 1 each in activities.
  • Wearing of masks for outdoor activities is optional, but social distancing is still required at all times.

All rules and regulations are subject to government guidelines and will be adjusted accordingly and as required.

Important Phone Numbers

911 for all police, medical and fire emergencies

Sundance Main Office 520-426-9662 (Non-business hours calls will transfer to Host)

Sundance Host 520-213-5914

APS  1-800-240-2014

City of Casa Grande 520-421-8600

Activities 520-876-2714


We are so excited about this season as we have had a busy summer of remodeling, moving, and adding buildings to offer more activities.

We hope you will take time to visit the rooms and see all the changes that have been made.  Some highlights include expanded Stain Glass room, Library is located in the Ranch House, new paint and flooring in Hang Out and new floor in Billiards. We will be offering Gourd workshops at the Wood’ N Gourd Shed behind the Ranch House. Art Barn is located closer to the RC Track and will be home to various art including painting, diamond painting, crafts, coloring, and more!  The Stretchin’ Shed is a small workout building with equipment located by the walk path in SD 2.

Due to the reduction of room compacities, it is very important that you sign up for a specific activity when indicated.  We want everyone to have an opportunity to participate and this will help us determine if additional sessions are needed.

Each activity room will have a calendar posted within the room.  We will have a few available in the Activity office, although we would prefer you visit the room for the schedule. When amendments to calendars are made, the Activity Team will change out the calendar.  The weekly calendar is being updated and will be available soon.

Name badges are required and should be considered as a “safety net” for yourself. Think about it, if you were to have a medical emergency and couldn’t communicate with responders, how would they know who you are?  It’s also a great conversation starter and helps new staff and residents get to know you. Don’t forget, we have a Neighborhood Watch Program and your name badge ensures that you are a part of the Sundance community. Thank you for wearing them.

This summer the Casa Grande Fire Department put a call out for masks and our very own Doretta O. and Lizz P. along with Fairways gals, Liz C. and Caroline M. worked their magic on materials provided by the Fire Dept. and made 150 masks for them. Ladies, thank you for your work and supporting the Casa Grande Fire Dept.

 We have to be creative for large events like Thanksgiving. Potlucks as of right now are not an option. We will announce additional events for November as soon as we have all the details and plans in place. We appreciate your support and patience during this current situation.

Bible StudyJoin us as we study Jonah beginning Wed. Dec. 02 at 10am in the Hang Out Room. For further info contact Deb G. #512.

Church – Sundance 1 RV Church will begin non-denominational services are on Sunday at 8:45am at the Hole in the Wall. Masks will be required and we will be allowed 50 in attendance. Chairs will be set up for social distancing.  We hope you will join us.

Country StoreWe hold the Country Store on the first Friday of every month beginning in November through March (January 2021 store will be held on Friday the 8th) Our first Country Store was very down sized to see if we could hold the event safely for all to enjoy. Everyone was very cooperative and did pay attention to the walk pattern, masks, and social distancing.  Thank you to all who participated!

DogsWe all love our fur babies so it is important that you be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your fur kid. We have dog parks located in the Sundance 1 and Sundance 2. Around detention ponds in Sundance 1 there are designated pet areas as well. Please do not allow your pet to defecate on any sites as it encourages other pets to do the same. Please keep your fur baby on the asphalt and not on any concrete surfaces.

Housekeeping –Do not remove sanitizer spray bottles from rooms. All rooms have at least one or more bottles designated to each room.

Motorcycle Group –If you’re interested in joining our group, stop in at Activities for additional info. We have completed 2 rides so far and it has been great fun along with stops at great eating places.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors –There are times when we all may need a little temporary help now and then. If you are in need of assistance like grocery shopping or a ride to the doctor please reach out to the Activities office so we can put you on the list. We will also have a sign-up sheet for individuals who want to help out our neighbors. Sharon O. will be the Coordinator for this activity and will work her magic to fill your request.

Random Acts of Kindness –Do you know someone who has a done a “good deed” for you or the park? Perhaps someone went above and beyond what was expected. Come to the Activities Office and fill out a Random Act of Kindness nomination form. Nominations will be unread until drawn at random around the 13th of each month beginning in November. The selected nominees will receive a gift and will be acknowledged in the next Smoke Signal edition.

Round Up Meeting –If you are a long timer or short timer, please join us every Tuesday morning at 8:30am sharp at the Hole in the Wall to learn about upcoming events and news in the park. Often, we will have guest speakers who provide information on services they offer. Sign up is recommended due to limited room capacity.

Rzr Group –If you’re interested in joining our group for some great desert riding feel to reach out to me to get on the email list. Usually we ride on Tuesdays except for holidays. Stop in at Activities for more info. Andy K.

Sunshine Committee –Your Sundance friends are like family and they care about each other. If you know of someone who has suffered a loss, in the hospital, or recovering at home please contact Darlene with their info.

Town Council –Welcome back from your Town Council. Your Town Council will be holding their first meeting in November, if you have any comments or concerns about our park please fill out a form in Activities.  Thank You, Alan.

Veterans/Group –The Sundance and Fairways combined Veteran’s Group held our first meeting at Sundance in the Hang Out Room. Masks and social distancing will be required at all meetings. Our meetings are scheduled for the second Monday each month. Next meeting will be Mon. Dec. 14 at Fairways.  Sign-up sheet will be in the Activities Office along with a roster listing. New veterans in the resort can also sign up for news about the group. We are a social group with no afflation with any of the national veterans’ organizations, so let’s get to know each other. We will have a table at the Country Store on Friday Dec. 04 and our group will be participating in the Pinal County 2020 Veterans Stand Down on Sat. Nov. 14 from 7am until noon. Unfortunately, the VIP Value Cards will not be available this year. Barry S. FW#168

WantedWe are still looking for interested people to coordinate Dominoes, Genealogy, Pegs & Jokers, and Woodworking.  We want to keep these activities on the calendars, so stop in at Activities to learn more.

Computer Club is in need of room monitors. Sign up in Activities if you’re interested.

We have sign-up sheets available for Activity Volunteers and Gate Monitors.


We are located in the Gamblin’ Room on Tuesday and Fridays at 9am-1pm. All skill levels are invited to join us. Beginners are very welcome as we enjoy teaching everyone.

Park Reminders –

Speed limit is 15 mph.

All vehicles (motorized or not) need to obey at all stop signs

Dogs are not allowed at the main Park complex, near park buildings, or in the pools. Please avoid approaching dogs that have a yellow ribbon on their leash. From, “….. the dogs who sport them need extra space when on a walk or around strangers.”

Shower before entering the pool or hot tub.

Don’t litter, please place debris in proper receptacles.

Break down all cardboard boxes before putting them in the dumpster.

Clubs at Sundance –

Computer Club         Fiction Book Club     Motorcycle Club                  Non-Fiction Book Club     Photo Club    Pickleball Club                            RC Club         Rzr Club

Sports of all Sorts to stay Healthy–

Aqua Size      Billiards          Darts            Golf Scramble (out of park play)     Horseshoes      Lap Swimming (Pool 2)               Pickleball       Shuffleboard            Softball (out of park play)    Sr. Stretch                      Tai Chi            Walk Exercise        Water Aerobics         Water Exercise         Water Volleyball (Pool 2)

Cards and Games – 

Bridge           Cribbage       Dealers Choice       Duplicate Bridge      Euchre          Hand, Foot & Toe             Mah Jongg               Pinochle        Poker         Progressive Hand, Foot & Toe       Texas Hold’em

Arts, crafts, crocheting, painting, coming soon gourd workshop, and more!  We have something for everyone and if we need to add more please come to Activities and let us know.

-A Season of Modification-