Smoke Signal February Edition

**Please note** For those who receive the Smoke Signal electronically, please come to Activities for your survey.  You do have the entire month of February to complete it and drop it in the box in Activities. We also have a 2 Old Dudes coupon too. Thank you.


    Sundance 1 RV Resort


 From the Manager’s Desk –

We can’t believe it is that time of year already…but…it’s time to think about next year!!

This is a reminder that if you are here at Sundance this season with a 3 month or longer reservation and you wish to guarantee a reservation for next season, you need to come in between February 10th and 28th to reserve your site with a deposit of $200.  This does include RV Annuals – or you run the risk of your site being booked.

March 2nd thru 13th we will be accepting reservations from those who have been here 3 months or longer who would like to choose a different site or have been bumped by an RV Annual or New Park Model.  The front desk will not be taking requests for site preferences if it opens up — it is up to you to come in and check if the site is available and request the change. All reservations are on a first come basis.

Beginning March 16th anyone can make a 3 month or longer reservation. Less than 3-month reservations for Jan, Feb or March will not be open for booking until September 10th.

RV Annuals are the only reservations that 100% guarantee your site. 4 month or longer reservations are guaranteed to not change sites a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of your reservation due to you needing to set up electric in your name with APS, you will be notified if there is a change.  Any reservation for 3 months or less is guaranteed a site but not guaranteed a particular site.

We encourage all guests to stop by the office to discuss your reservation needs and answer any questions you may have.

Reminders – Please keep your sites weed free (we know this year has been a challenge for everyone due to the excessive rain we have had). All Annuals must have a caretaker to watch over your site when you are gone. All Park Model owners please check your Park Model to see if it needs any sprucing up, such as washing, waxing, painting or any repairs, including steps.

Enjoy the warmer days, beautiful sunrises & sunsets and making great memories with friends old and new!

Tom & Kate Ebert – Managers

“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” ~George Bernard

Activities –

We love our residents and want to remind you for all emergencies medical or fire related please call 911. Have another person call 520-426-9662 to reach the main office during business hours or the host at during non-business hours. Sundance no longer owns their own phone lines and any rooms that had a phone number are no longer valid.

We have 2 AEDs (automated external defibrillator) in the Sundance community. One is in the laundry room (SD1) and the other is now located in the Ranch House (SD2) in the work out room.

Perfumes & colognes shouldn’t be worn to any indoor or outdoor park events. Sundance 1 RV Resort is a “scent free” park, and that is an attraction for many of our residents and guests who have medical sensitivities. Please refrain from wearing “smellies” while you stay at our resort and thank you.

Please use a flashlight so others can see you when walking at night. Dark clothing, dark nights and limited lighting doesn’t work in your favor. Our traffic and population are increasing and we want everyone to have a safe season.

Join us every Monday at morning 8:30am sharp at the Hole in the Wall for the Sundance Round Up Meeting. The meeting is for all residents and guests who want to learn more about what is happening in the park. Often, we have a speaker who will give a short presentation about their services they have available to us. Coffee, tea, and morning munchies are available. Whether you’re a long timer at the park or a short timer, please join us.

If you have a name badge, please wear it. We have many new residents and staff that would like to get to know you. Should you have a medical event, a name badge will help us identify you and contact a family member or friend. Come to Activities if you don’t have one as many of our activities do require one to participate. So please, wear your name badge to help us help you and as always, thank you.

Please take a moment to complete and return your survey to Activities before Saturday, Feb. 29. We want to offer a variety of entertainment, bands and activities while you’re here and we are refreshing our summer offerings as well. Please print clearly and we thank you for all of your suggestions and support.

Room calendars, current month calendars, weekly and Ranch House schedules are in labeled trays in Activities. We do update them periodically so do make sure you have the most current version that is available. Our Dance/Entertainment schedule through March is available as well.

For $4 you can join us on Sunday, Feb.16 for “build your own sundae” in the Hole in the Wall 1-2:30pm. This is a fundraising event for the Sundance float fund! Come and enjoy delicious ice cream with all of your favorite toppings. See you there!

The Activity schedules for all rooms do affect other department schedules, especially our Clean Team. Please be courteous and don’t arrive early or stay late for your event. Please return all rooms to their original set up so they are ready for the next group or activity. Using the “buddy system” when moving tables makes it safer and easier for all involved. Please don’t slide tables across the floors as it will damage the tables and the floors. Thank you for your cooperation.

Did you know that you can sign up for emails from Sundance 1 RV Resort? Google Sundance 1 RV Resort and click on the link which will open our web page. Scroll down to the bottom and enter your full email and click subscribe. You should receive an email from Sundance 1 RV Resort, open the email and click to activate the subscription. You should receive emails of posts after that. We are aware that some subscribers don’t receive the activation email and that problem is being looked into. Do be sure to check your junk/spam mail boxes as well. You can read all posts by clicking on “NEWS” on the main page. There is a calendar as well at the bottom of the main page that highlights events in the park.

Watch for more info regarding an Impromptu Geo Caching event at the Ranch House 2-4pm on Saturday, Mar. 07.

If you’re interested in travel, Tami Weber has her business card in Activities for your convenience. There is a binder on the counter in Activities with travel options and she welcomes suggestions on where everyone would like to visit.

The list below doesn’t include all events.

Highlighted February Events

Sat. Feb. 014-6pm – Hole in the Wall – 2 Old Dudes Spaghetti with Meatballs and Sausage Dinner. Includes garlic bread, cake, coffee or iced tea. Tickets on sale in Activities. $12
7-10pm – Hole in the Wall – Campbell’s Band $10 advance $11 at door BYOB Water and soda available for purchase.
Mon. Feb. 03-8:30am – Hole in the Wall – Sundance Round Up Meeting with Speaker
6:30-8:30pm – Hole in the Wall – Jammers
Tue. Feb. 04- 4-6:30pm – Hole in the Wall – 2 Old Dudes Taco Salad Tuesday. Tickets on sale in Activities. $7.25
6-6:45pm – Bingo card sales. 7pm Game begins.
Wed. Feb. 05-12pm – Hole in Wall closed for Brat Dinner
Fri. Feb. 07-7am-1pm – Hole in the Wall – 2 Old Dudes serving breakfast and lunch. 9am-12pm –Hole in the Wall – Sundance Country Store
Sat. Feb. 08-7-10pm – Hole in the Wall – JT’s Caravan Band $10 advance $11 at door
Mon. Feb. 10-8:30am – Hole in the Wall – Sundance Round Up Meeting with Speaker
6:30-8:30pm – Hole in the Wall – Jammers
Tue. Feb. 11- 4-6:30pm – Hole in Wall – 2 Old Dudes serving a lighter dinner menu.
6-6:45pm – Hole in the Wall – Bingo card sales. 7pm Game begins.
Wed. Feb. 12-9-10:30am – Ranch House – Town Council Meeting
1-2:30pm – Hang Out Room – Trusts & More Seminar
Fri. Feb. 14- 4-6pm – Hole in the Wall – 2 Old Dudes Valentine’s Dinner. Stuffed pork chop, broccoli, mashed potatoes, bread, homemade applesauce, cake, coffee and iced tea. Tickets on sale in Activities. $15
7pm Bernie & Red Show $10 advance or at door. Tickets on sale in Activities.
Sat. Feb. 15- 9am-1pm – Hang Out Room – Hearing Life Screenings
11am-1:30pm – Hole in the Wall – MASA Lunch Seminar.
7-10pm – Hole in the Wall – Johnny City Band $10 in advance $11 at door. BYOB Water and soda available for purchase.
Sun. Feb. 16-1-2:30pm – Hole in the Wall – Activities Float Fundraiser Build Your Own Sundae. Delicious ice cream and multiple topping choices so you can make it your way. $4
Mon. Feb. 17- 8:30am – Hole in the Wall – Sundance Round Up Meeting with Speaker.
6:30-8:30pm – Hole in the Wall – Jammers
Tue. Feb 18-4-6:30pm – Hole in the Wall – 2 Old Dudes Taco Salad Tuesday. Tickets on sale in Activities. $7.25
6-6:45pm – Hole in the Wall – Bingo card sales. 7pm Game begins.
Wed. Feb 19-9:45am sharp – Casino Fun Bus leaves park to Lone Butte and Wild Horse in Chandler
4-6pm – Hole in the Wall – 2 Old Dudes Elvis Dinner. Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, brown gravy (with or without mushrooms) carrots, cake, coffee and iced tea. Tickets on sale in Activities. $12
Fri. Feb 21- 3-6pm – 2 Old Dudes Fish Fry Dinner. No tickets required. $9.95 regular meal or $12.95 all you can eat.
7pm – Hole in the Wall – Sundance Musical Review Rock’n Roll 60’s & 70’s. $1 optional donation.
Sat. Feb. 22-5pm – Hole in the Wall – Hands Across the Border
Mon. Feb. 24-8:30am – Hole in the Wall – Sundance Round Up Meeting with Speaker.
Harmony Health will be parked out front.
6:30-8:30pm – Hole in the Wall – Jammers
Tue. Feb. 25-10am-12pm – Hang Out Room – Skymed Lunch Seminar.
7pm – Hole in the Wall – Dessert Theatre
Wed. Feb. 26-7pm – Hole in the Wall – Dessert Theatre
Thu. Feb. 27-7pm – Hole in the Wall – Dessert Theatre
Fri. Feb. 28- 9am – Hole in the Wall – Quilt Show Setup
Tag A-Long to Hale Theatre, Guys & Dolls
Sat. Feb. 29- 9am-3pm – Hole in the Wall and Hang Out Room – Quilt Show
7-10pm – Hole in the Wall – Back Street Romance Band $10 advance $11 at door. BYOB. Water and soda available for purchase.

Aquasize –

This 7am class meets rain or shine in Pool 1. We have men and women who attend faithfully and we welcome you to join us too. We also have the hot tub that is a wonderful reward after our workout. Remember there are other water exercises available after ours so do join any of them for a wonderful water workout. Nancy B.

Bunco –

Attention players! Bunco is played in the Hang Out Room 7-10pm. Everyone is invited and we are happy to teach you how to play this fun game. Ellie A. #278

Cactus Needles –

We meet every Monday from 10am to 12pm in the Hangout Room. If you like to knit, crochet or use a crow hook, you are invited to join this friendly group. We are currently working on hats for the local Head Start program and continue to work on hats, scarves, and blankets to donate to local charities. We have easy patterns and donated yarn to share with you, as you help make a difference in the community.

Cans For Veterans –

We want to say thank you to everyone who is dropping off aluminum cans this year. So far we have donated $120 to the Veterans Group of Sundance and Fairways. We would prefer that cans be crushed before placing them in the green container that is located behind our car.  Don’t forget to pull the tabs off and drop them off in the container located in Activities. Thank you Paul and Sally B. #171

Casino Fun Bus –

All aboard! The Fun Bus will be travelling to Wild Horse or Lone Butte Casino in Chandler on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020. Bus leaves at 9:45am. sharp from Sundance and leaves the casino after the last game of Bingo which is approximately 3:15 pm. For $15 cash (non-refundable) at time of sign up you will get a $30 casino package.  This season the trips have filled up very quickly. Sign up by Wednesday, Feb.12 in Activities and make sure you note which casino you would like to go to. Delpine Becker is the Coordinator and will have some fun things to do during your ride.

Ceramic Shop –

We are open Monday through Friday from 9am-3:45pm, every Wednesday night we are open 5-8pm and on Saturdays we are open 9am-1pm.

Church –

The Sundance 1 RV Resort Church meets each Sunday morning at 8:30am at the Hole in the Wall. Please join us for nondenominational service with Pastor Scott Bailey. Communion services are held the first Sunday of each month. If you enjoy singing, please join Marcia and the Choir at 8am for practice each Sunday morning. Our toy drive is going on this month for the children’s wing at Banner Medical Center in Casa Grande. Donations can be brought to services or dropped off in Activities. Our vision: Glorify God, Share his joy, Meet human need.

Computer Room –

Wednesday February 05 we will be meeting at 8:45-9:45am in the Hang Out Room. The Hacking Room aka Computer Room is located on the back side of the building where the Library is. We are open to suggestions on classes that you may like us to host, so do write them down on the sheet in Activities. If you have a computer question or problem, come visit us as we are happy to help. We have 9 computers, 3 printers, WIFI, and places to plug your laptop in and connect to the world. We also make business cards, mailing labels, and copies. Fees $20 New User/Member $10 Returning Member, $1 per day.

Country Store –

Friday Feb. 7th the Hole in the Wall turns into the Country Store 9am-12pm. Come on by & check out the talented individuals who are selling their wares. Support a small business and help them succeed! Come early and enjoy breakfast served by the 2 Old Dudes or grab lunch before you leave.

Couples Dance –

If you would like to learn Country Waltz, join us 10-11:30am Tuesday, Feb. 04 for our beginning class at the Hole in the Wall. We will waltz in February, then go on to West Coast Swing in March. Thursdays we will teach Pattern dance at the same time. Classes are $1 per couple and yes, you do need a partner. Kent and Sandi R. FW#21

Dessert Theatre –

“Any Body for Tea” will be a light comedy performed in the Hole in the Wall at 7pm Tuesday through Thursday, Feb. 25, 26 and 27. Tickets go on sale Tuesday Feb. 04 in Activities for $7 per person per performance. We hope you will join us for a fun evening with dessert afterwards.

Fiction Reading Book Club –

Join us every third Tuesday in the Hangout Room 9:30-11:30am, to discuss past and present reading material. Our February meeting will be on the 18th. Thank you to all that have contributed to our Casa Grande Head Start book drive. Please continue to add more books ages 3-6 in the box in Activities. New or gently used book donations will be accepted through March. Thank you to all the volunteers that read to the kids and we are always looking for more readers. Sherry R.

Genealogy –

We meet first four Wednesday mornings of the month at 10-11:30am in the Gambling Room. The first and third Wednesday meetings are the regular meetings and we will try to have programs. The second and fourth Wednesday meetings are designated for the beginners. When we work the the beginner class we would like the more experienced researchers to help them in their research ventures. Everyone is welcome to attend all meetings. Beginners are asked to bring your laptops or Ipads for looking up information. If you are not a member of the Computer Club, please bring in $1 for computer access.  If you need further info or have questions, contact Lynn Olson or Shirley Oberlander.

Hale Theatre –

Our next Tag-A-long will be on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020 for the 7:30pm performance of Guys and Dolls. Tickets are $27 each at time of sign up and we have 24 available beginning Mon. Jan 06. Sign up by Thu. Feb 13 to attend this performance. This is a great theatre in Gilbert AZ. that doesn’t have a bad seat in the house.

Hands Across the Border-

Our Hands Across the Border event will be Saturday. Feb.22 in the Hole in the Wall. If you purchased tickets and can’t attend, please return them directly to Dale & Pat D. #54 and we will refund your money. We have a waiting list, and this is much easier than you trying to sell them yourself.

Hiking –

We’re climbing hills and mountains! Information on each hike will be posted on Sundays. Please wear hiking footwear, bring water, snack, and sunscreen. Hiking poles or sticks are optional but recommended. Please indicate on the sign-up sheet in Activities if you are willing to drive since some hiking areas have limited parking. It is not necessary to sign up every week, although it would nice to have everyone’s name and contact info. Thank you, Deb J. #684.

Housekeeping –

A friendly reminder from the “Clean Team” is make sure that you towel off before leaving the pool area. If you walk into another room, please be sure you are thoroughly dry before doing so. Drips create slips on floors and we don’t want anyone injured.  When disposing of bottles and cans, please empty them first before placing them in the garbage receptacles. Liquid adds a lot of weight to garbage bags and does cause them to rip creating another cleanup. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Lapidary –

Hours are Monday 8:30am-12pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am-3:50pm. Check with Activities on Friday to see if a monitor has picked up the key. We are located in the same building as Ceramics, just around the corner on the back side. Stop in and see us, we love teaching you our passion. Let’s rock on!

Library –

For those of you that enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles there are two tables in the laundry room so you can puzzle away. Bookcases have been added to store additional puzzles. If you would like to borrow a puzzle to take home or do in the laundry room, cabinets 5 & 6 in the Gambling Room have many puzzles to choose from. If you wish to donate puzzles, the library is the best place to bring them as we do note the year they were donated. Thank you, Lajla H., Puzzle Lady

MGN Manufactured Homes –

We’re hosting an Open House 10am-3pm on Saturday Feb. 22 at Sundance 2. Sales Team members will be on hand to answer questions and models will be open for tours. We’re still under construction and appreciate all of the interest in Sundance 2. For your safety, we ask residents and guests to stay on the roads and refrain from entering any homes or lots that are under construction. Your safety is very important to us.

Neighborhood Watch –

We are moving forward with our Neighborhood Watch program and have a meeting scheduled for 8:30-9:30am in the Hang Out Room with an Officer from the Casa Grande Police Department. Everyone is invited to attend especially individuals who are interested in being a Block Captain. There is no street patrolling or speaking engagements that is done as a Block Captain, just sharing information. Basically, a neighborhood watch is the “eyes and ears” of your neighborhood and to assist the police department. If you see something that is out of the normal routine in your neighborhood, say something so it can be checked out. If you have questions contact Gordon B. #486.

Non-Fiction Book Club –

Come to the Ranch House the first Tuesday of every month 1-2:30pm. Our February meeting is Tuesday the 4th and is sure to have lively discussion. Thank you to all that have contributed to our Casa Grande Head Start book drive. Please continue to add more books ages 3-6 in the box in Activities. New or gently used book donations will be accepted through March. Thank you to all the volunteers that read to the kids and continue to support the cause. Sherry


Hey Picklers mark your calendars! Our general meeting and happy hour will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 5 in the Gambling Room 4:30-6pm. Mixed partner tournament is Monday, Feb.17 at 9am. Beginners novice tournament is planned for Monday, Feb. 24 11am-12pm. Our friendly, yet competitive CAN-AM tournament (Canada vs America) will be on Monday, Mar. 02 beginning at 9am. Wednesday, Mar. 04 will be another membership meeting in the Gambling Room 4:30-6pm.  Monday Mar. 16 we will be hosting the Sundance vs Fiesta Grande tourney at 9am. Evening play starts at 6pm on Monday and Wednesdays. If the lights are on, we are playing.  See you on the court!

Ping Pong –

We’re playing Ping Pong on Monday nights at 7pm in the Hang Out Room.  If you have your own paddle, feel free to bring it.  If you don’t, we have the paddles and balls that can be used as well. Everyone is welcome to join us for a good time.

Pool 1 & 2 –

Have you read the washing instructions on your swim suit or gear? Did you know you shouldn’t wash your suit or trunks in the washers? When you wash them in a machine and add soap, the garment then retains the soap which then ends up in our pools and hot tubs. If at all possible handwash your swim attire to lessen the chance of  adding bubbles to our swimming facilities. Please do not smoke in or around the pools. The debris may enter the filtering systems and cause mechanical problems which will cause the pools to be closed. When smoking in designated areas, please dispose of the debris properly and not throw it on the ground. We appreciate your cooperation.

Pool Room aka Billards-

We have an 8 Ball tournament scheduled for Saturday Feb.22, 9am-4pm. The Pool Room will be closed during this time. During any non-tournament time, guys and gals are encouraged to join us for great play and fellowship. Only bottled water is allowed in this room to keep our tables safe from liquid damage. Thank you, Tony

Potlucks –

Sign up in Activities.

Colorado/Nebraska/Kansas potluck will be on Saturday Feb. 08, 11:30am-2pm at the Hole in the Wall. Contact Mary S., Sue R. or Sassy S.

Montana/Wyoming/North Dakota/South Dakota potluck will be at 12-2pm in the Hang Out Room on Saturday Feb. 08. Bring your dish to share, beverages and table service for a fun time with your northern neighbors. Pat L.

Washington/Oregon/Idaho/California/Nevada will hold their potluck on Sunday Feb. 09 in the Hang Out Room 3-6pm. Please bring beverage of choice, table service and a dish to share. Thank you, Lani B. #108

Missouri potluck will be held in the Hang Out Room on Saturday Feb. 08, 4-6pm. Please bring dish to share, table service and beverage. It’s been many years since we’ve had a Missouri potluck so let’s get this event back on track. Thank you Glenda B. # 705

Iowa potluck is Sunday, Feb.09 at the Hole in the Wall 4-6pm. Please bring your table service and a cold beverage. Coffee will be available. Wear your name badge so new Iowans can get acquainted more easily. Hope you can come! Julie #249

Michiganders get your favorite dish to pass ready for our potluck! Join us on Wednesday Feb 12 at the Hole in the Wall 4-6:30pm for a good time, tasty meal, and chit-chat. See you there, Kathy K

Minnesota potluck will be held 4-6pm on Sunday Feb. 16 at the Hole in the Wall. Contact Terry J. or Dennis L. with any questions.

Wisconsin potluck is planned for Wednesday Mar. 04 in the Gambling Room 4:30-6:30pm.  Sandy R. #621

If you oversee a state potluck, please reach out to Activities so we can promote it.

RC Cars –

The track is located at the Sportsplex area across from Shuffleboard. Membership is $50 for a new member and $25 for returning members. Check out the track activity on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.Contact Marc #653 or Rick #259 for more info.

Ranch House –

Located in Phase 2 of Sundance, the Ranch House  is open to all residents of the Sundance community. If individuals wish to use the House for a private function please contact Activities for availability and rental information.

Rosary –

Every Saturday at 9:30am in the Quiet room the rosary is said.

Everyone is welcome to join us. The Quiet Room is located at the end of the hall just past the Post Office. If you need more info please contact Colleen K. #629

Sewing Room-

Saturday Feb. 29th at the Hole in the Wall, 9am-3pm will be our annual Quilt Show. Quilters, sewers, and crafters from Sundance 1 & 2 along with Fairways will display their handiwork. Large and small items will be shown along with a chance to purchase gifts at our store. This year’s opportunity quilt is a dazzler! Lunch will be available poolside.

Senior Stretch –

Please join us for chair exercises on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 10:30-11:30am at the Hole in the Wall. This class is for men and women and done mostly sitting in a chair. A good workout is provided and it is good for us to use all parts of our bodies for stretch and strength!  We hope you will join us and give it a try. Nancy B.

Shamrock Farms Dairy Tour Tag A-Long –

Sign up before Thursday, Feb. 06 to take the tour of Shamrock Farms on Thursday Feb. 13. A very interesting and fun tour for $12 that includes a lunch, the tour and delicious dessert afterwards. You also get a chance to inter-act with baby bovines. This dairy produces quality products and has very high standards.

Shuffleboard regular play is 9:30am Monday. Wednesday. & Friday where you play for yourself. Tuesday at 9:30am is bowling pin shuffle and is a team event with all the yellow against all the black. A lot of fun and team encouragement. The shuffleboards are there for anyone to play at any time. The cost is 50 cents per person to play and it’s on the “honor system” to put money in the jar. We encourage anyone who wants to learn the game to come out during any play day and we will show you. The boards need proper care prior to play and after. We will teach you how to do this as well. The sign-up sheet for the annual single elimination shuffleboard tournament is in progress and will be available until Friday, Feb.07. Additional play, if needed to fill brackets can be done on Fri. Feb.14.The tournament starts Monday, Feb. 17.

It takes 4 sessions to complete Mon.- Wed. and Thu. morning only, of play. Keep in mind the weather does have the final say on all play. You must be a park resident to play and a name badge is helpful. Don’t forget that our Shuffleboard Potluck will be on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 1pm in the Hole in the Wall. All players are welcome and are asked to bring dish to share, own table service and drink. Anything you would like to donate for door prizes are appreciated. Thank you, Joe & Carolyn H. #611.

Silver Star Theatre –

We’re having another Tag A-Long to Silver Star to see The Rythum Casts performing 70’s Rock’n Roll. The buffet and show is Friday Mar. 06 at 5:30pm. Tickets are $37 each and we have 24 tickets available. Lobby opens at 4pm, doors at 5:30pm.  Buffet serving is 5:30-7pm. Show begins at 7:30pm. Please sign up by Tue. Feb.18 in Activities.

Singles Meet & Greet –

Calling all single men and women! There is interest in starting a group for those who have no partners. We are hosting a meet & greet 4:30-6:30pm at the Ranch House on Thursday Feb. 06. Bring an appetizer and your beverage along with ideas of things you would like to do. For more info contact Jeannette L. or Madonna R.

Stained Glass –

We are pleased to report that we are open  Monday-Friday and open every other Wednesday night 5-8pm and every other Saturday 9am-1pm.

Sunshine Committee –

If you know of a Sundance resident/spouse going through a rough time, please drop a note to Darlene C. #522 or Activities We want our Sundance family members to know that the Sundance community does care.

Thank you-

A special thank you Bev G. for suggesting and lending the January movie to Activities. It was enjoyed by all.

A shout out to “Team Sundance” members Garland G., Cathy & Gary K., Dave & Deb for volunteering to help the Casa Grande Fire Department with the Smoke Alarm Installation Program.

Town Council –

It’s time to get involved with the Sundance community! Residents of Sundance 1 & 2 are encouraged to fill upcoming vacancies on the Town Council. Please reach out to a council member for more information. If you have a concern or suggestion, please go to Activities and fill out the form that is on the counter. You must put your name and site number in order for your concern or suggestion to be considered at our meeting. Our meeting minutes are also available in the binder by the Town Council suggestion box in Activities.

 Ukulele Group –

Join us every Wednesday 1-3pm at the Ranch House for our weekly jam. Everyone is invited to join in, regardless of your playing level. We enjoy teaching beginners too, so do stop in and see what we are all about. Contact Sheila #631 for more information.

Veteran’s Group –

Our February meeting will be held Mon. Feb. 10 at Fairways. All past and present Veterans of Sundance, Fairways and Canada are encouraged to join us. We welcome new members to keep fresh ideas coming. We meet every 2nd Monday each month November through March. We engage in multiple fund-raising activities during the season including sale of clothing at the monthly Sundance Country Store, raffles of handcrafted items, sponsoring a child from The Angel Tree, sales of poppies and sales of VIP cards. VIP books with a Bonus coupon book are available in Activities for $20. Respectfully, Barry S. FW #168

Vial of Life –

This program is administered through the Casa Grande Fire Dept. and assists medical personnel locating your medical information should you be unable to communicate with them. A sticker is placed on your door and a vial with your medical info is placed in your refrigerator. These are supplied by the Fire Deparment. We are working with a Training Officer to have them come in and explain the program in more detail at a Round Up Meeting. Thank you Gordon B.

Walk Exercise –

Move it or lose it! Walk exercise is a thythmic, full body exercise that can be done at your own pace to give YOU a little boost. Join us at the Hole in the Wall on Moday 9:15-10am and Tuesday through Friday 9-10am for a little exercise and fun. Kathy M #578