Smoke Signal April 2022


Manager’s Notes –
We want to thank everyone for an amazing season! So much fun was had by so many! Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and talents as Activity Coordinators, Monitors and volunteers! Without you, the residents wouldn’t have so much time to be able to enjoy all the activities we offer!! Thank you to those who brought new Ideas and opportunities for expanding our offerings here at Sundance!

We want to give a special shout out to all of our staff!! Thank you so very much for all the hours you put in to make the park a clean, fun, smooth running, and well-maintained place for all residents and guests! A very special thanks to Shelley & Derek Peck- Assistant Managers, we have been able to grow together as a strong management team and we appreciate all you have brought to the table to strengthen us! We look forward to many more adventures together!

We wish everyone safe travels and a blessed summer! The 22-23 Season will be here before you know it and we’ll all be back together making new memories!!

Thank you for making this year a great one!
Tom & Kate Ebert

As per Sundance Resort Rules and Regulations, the following vehicles are prohibited from storage on your lot. This applies to peak season as well as the summer months.
a. Cargo or any type of enclosed box trailer
b. Boats and boat trailers
c. Flatbed utility trailers (including Razor/Side by Side trailers)
d. Horse trailers
e. Construction trailers
f. Any other vehicle not expressly designed for normal resident transportation
g. Car Dollies

Palm Tree Trimming – If you have palm trees and want them trimmed you must fill out a form available in the office and pay $30 per tree to be trimmed.

Please remember to stop by the office
h. Let the front desk know when you are leaving
i. Provide us with forwarding labels (No mail forwarded without labels)
j. Provide staff with the name of your caretaker
k. Return mail key to the mailroom
Have a wonderful summer. See you next year!

Important Phone Numbers
911 for all police, medical and fire emergencies

Sundance Main Office 520-426-9662 (Non-business hours calls will transfer to Host)
APS 1-800-240-2014 City of Casa Grande 520-421-8600 AireBeam 520-510-0909
AED’s (Automated External Defibrillator) are located in the Laundry Room in Sundance 1 and in the Ladies Room in Sundance 2 by the pool.

Emergency Procedure – FIRST: CALL 911
Next you should call the Host for assistance. The Host will to your site if needed or proceed to the gate and wait for the arriving Emergency Vehicles. Then they will direct emergency aid to your site.
HOST DAYTIME – 520-876-2777 AFTER HOURS – 520-426-9662
Add the numbers above to your cell phone

Slow down, enjoy life, and let the good times roll!

Activities – The Activity Team worked very hard to bring the best customer support and information to our guests. We do hope that your days and nights have been filled with many options to stay busy and that you made new friends along the way.
There are not enough words of gratitude to express the appreciation to all Staff and Team members for an outstanding season.

To our guests who donated items, games, and decorations to Sundance this season, thank you so much. We are sure that all will be used or have already been used to some extent.

Volunteers, please accept our sincerest appreciation for all that you do or have done for Sundance! This park is full of different types of activities thanks to you and we are blessed to have each of you!

Western Days offered everyone a full day of fun, music, laughter! We know that there will be some adjustments needed for next season and appreciate everyone who coordinated, participated, sang or played music, or was a spectator! The Kitchen team served over 400 guests in 2 hours which was OUTSTANDING! The Chuckwagon stew was tasty too! Hopefully everyone now understands the method to our madness of having varied times for serving.

Event Wiiners:
Poker Run – 1st Bob Luhrs (3 Jacks) 2nd Jeff Shafer ( Pair Queens)  3rd Carolyn Rygg ( Pair 10’s)
Corn Hole – 1st Kent Gardner and Bob Glenhill   2nd Joanna Frost and Doug Baute   3rd G Johnnson and Ron Frost
Jenga – 1st Claudia’s Boys   2nd 2 Guys and a Gal   3rd Mighty Trio
Chair Volleyball – 1st Team BamBam   2nd Beach Ball Bunnies   3rd Chicks and Chasers
Blindfolded Golf Cart Race – 1st Kim Bush and Kathy Arbaugh  2nd Michelle and Gary Traphagen  3rd Jeff and Shari Shafer
Guessing Game – Container A, Jeff Shafer  Container B, Jody Kearns  Container C, Jan Brown

Next season seems far away, but the summer flies by very quickly. We are looking for Volunteers for Angel Tree, Park decorating committee, Float committee, Potlucks, and many more opportunities! Drop a note in person or email to with your interests or suggestions.

Our office hours beginning Friday April 1 will be 8:30am – 3pm, Monday through Saturday, closed on Sunday. Our last day of business will be on Friday the 15th at 3pm.

We still have karaoke and DJ music planned for the end of March and also in April, so we do hope to see you at our musical offerings.

Bingo – Our plan is to have to play Tuesday 3/29 and Tuesday 4/5. We will then see how many guests will still be here on Tuesday 4/12 to have the last game of the season. Card sales are from 6-6:45pm and Bingo starts at 7pm at the Hole in the Wall. Please pay with small currency and wear your name badge. Fairways is welcome to play although no public is invited. We hope to see you there! Kathy Carpenter

Cactus Needles – Join us Monday 10am-Noon in the Hang Out Room to work on hats, scarves, and blankets for local charities. Our last day to meet will be Monday 4/5. We will be working on hats, scarves and blankets to donate to local Casa Grande charities. We do have easy to follow patterns and donated yarn to share with anyone who would like to help make a difference in the community!

Ceramics – Our final day to be open will be Friday 4/15. Our last kiln firing for the season is Friday 4/8. Please pick up your projects as we are not responsible for those left behind. Ruthann Lindgren, Coordinator

Church – All guests are invited to attend nondenominational services at 8:30am at the Hole in the Wall held every Sunday through April 3.

Computer Lab – If you need mailing labels come to the Lab before we close for the season which will be the week of Monday, April 4.

Couples and Pattern Dance – We are planning on returning for the 2022/2023 season with Couples Dance lessons on Tuesday only beginning in November. Enjoy your summer and see you in the fall! Sandi and Kent Reedy

Crafty Ladies – We plan on crafting through Friday 4/15 in the Hang Out Room at 1pm. Bring your projects in and let’s socialize! Rosie Creger

Front Gate Greeters – A huge thank you to all the volunteers who worked at the front gate this season. Your dedication and helpfulness were much appreciated by all. We are seeking volunteers for next season which will start in mid-October. If you are a “people person” and can work one two hour shift per week, enjoy meeting new people, this may be what you are looking for. Training is provided prior to your first shift. We are also looking for “on-call” volunteers that can fill shifts as needed. If you are interested or want more information, please call Fritzi or Bob at 818-519-1171. Feel free to stop by site 665 to chat with us.

Gourd Shop – It’s that time again when all our winter visitors have to leave us for the summer. The Gourd Shop has had a wonderful productive season, thanks to all of you that participated in creating your art. We have had a wonderful group of men and women using the shop. The Monitors are A-1 and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. The last day the shop will be open is Friday, April 1st. Make sure you have finished your project and come back nest season for more fun and creating ideas. Have a safe and wonderful summer and we will see you in the fall. Lynn Olson and Pat La Voie

Lapidary – It’s been a great season and we have made many things all the while having fun! Monitors, again thank you for your time and experience. Our recent raffle has earned us $65 to help with buying supplies. Winners: Rock clock, George Hickman and a set of shark tooth earrings. Mary Howard won one of the three necklaces along with Jo Duffie and Sally Haller. A very big thank you to the Jammers for their monetary donation of $200 to our shop, it is greatly appreciated. Tuesday 4/12 will be our last day for the season. Thank you, Dave Yelton

Library – Our thanks to all who donated so many wonderful books to the library. We look forward to seeing you next season. Thank you also to our fabulous library volunteers, as the season ran smoothly because of your efforts. We hope to see you all again next season! Barbara Newman

Line Dance – Class will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Hole in the Wall, 1:30-3:30pm. Our last class is scheduled for Thursday April 14. Fee is $2 per person per class. I do plan on returning for next season and teaching at the same time and place. Have a nice summer, Linda Clement

Mah Jongg – This season was great and is almost over. We had many new players who became addicted to the game and all of us had fun. Special thank you’s to Mike Brown for being our unofficial teacher of the game.  To Sharon Ross for the donated Mah Jongg set and Sundance is very appreciative that it has one to call their own. Beth Connolly, thank you for donating the Mah Jongg table rug as it quiets the play. Also Beth, thank you for coordinating play for the summer season. Additionally, thank you to Sundance for purchasing the three cards that will be available for use to anyone who doesn’t have one. Last but not least, thank you to all the players for your help and jumping in when needed. Watch for the summer schedule! See you in the Fall! Velvet Talley, Coordinator

Recycling – With many guests helping, we raised over $765 for the Sundance/Fairways Veterans program which will continue through the summer. Cans can be dropped off at site 510 Gaby beginning Saturday, March 26. Thank you everyone, Paul and Sally Brown

Senior Stretch – We plan on working out at 10:30am at the Hole in the Wall every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through April 15! Nancy Bittinger

Recycling –  With many guests helping, we raised over $765 for the Sundance/Fairways Veterans program which will continue through the summer.  Cans can be dropped off at site 510 Gaby beginning Saturday, March 26. Thank you everyone, Paul and Sally Brown

Senior Stretch – We plan on working out at 10:30am at the Hole in the Wall  every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through April 15!  Nancy Bittinger

Sewing/Quilting – Our season is rapidly coming to a close!  This year has been very productive in the sewing & quilting room.  A total of 98 quilts and 148 pillow cases were donated to help foster children of Pinal County. Oasis received 21-wheel chair bags, 6 bibs, 6 lap quilts and 57 walker bags for a local long term care facility and Casa Grande Police Department received 20 cuddle blankets to help comfort children.  We had a great time putting on the quilt show February 26th and want to thank everyone for their help setting up & taking it down.  The show was well attended by residents and nonresidents of Sundance. Work has already begun on these projects for next season.     Irene Mattoon & Jennifer Lempke  Sewing & Quilting Room Co-Chairs

Shuffleboard If we have enough players we will continue to play through the week of April 3rd.  A minimum of four players is needed, eight is preferred so we can use two boards.  Thanks for a great season, Joe & Carolyn Hess  #611

Stained Glass –  Whoa!  End of season? Unbelievable!  Thanks to our great team of Monitors, we have been able to offer creative time five days per week plus one evening. We offered classes in mosaic, stepping stones, traditional glass, and caming. We had more than 1200 users in the shop.  We made a run to Tempe for supplies which generated the need to request that our fantastic maintenance crew build us ANOTHER set of shelves for glass! Thanks guys! The creativeness this year was unbelievable and so many were unique.  We will begin closing the shop on Monday 4/11, so if you have a project to finish, do stop to finish up. We will not ‘summer store” any projects, so make sure you pick up your creation. Travel safely, create great summer stories to share in the fall and plan on creating some awesome stuff in 2022/2023. For our part, we are planning new classes and projects to greet you upon return. Steering Committee    Harriet Reed, Cindel Nielson, Jim McBride

Sundance Softball Sundance has senior softball teams that play at Palm Creek Fall (November and December) Winter (January and February) and Spring (March) leagues. The Sundance softball teams are open to all men and women interested in playing softball regardless of your skill level.  If you have questions or would like to play, you can contact any of the Executive Board members. Let us know your contact information (email address) so we can send you information on the Sundance Softball for the 2022 Fall and 2023 Winter and Spring seasons.  Jake Bohl – 253-905-4925   Kevin Connolly – 509-496-8381 Jim Meyerhoff –  253-848-1735     Thank you for your support.

Sundance Solos –  Our monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, April 7 at 1pm at the Hang Out Room. Thank you,  Delphine Becker

Water Volleyball – Join us at Pool 1 at 1pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through April 15.    Judy Crosby

I’m so grateful and humbled by such giving friends and family for delivering me dinners to my front in my time of need.  Sue Gaede, Mike and Berni Dalelio and Carolyn and Joe Hess. Sincerely, Jennie Lee Miller

Thank you for the prayers, comfort cloth, food, plant, flowers, cards, calls, and rides to the doctor’s office during my cancer surgery and now during my treatments. Sundance and Fairways are such caring and helpful communities to live in and I am so blessed.  May God bless you all, Barbara Robinson