Smoke Signal April 2020


Sundance 1 RV Resort

APRIL 2020

From the Manager’s Desk –

It’s hard to believe this is the last Smoke Signal of the season. We hope everyone has enjoyed their stay and we look forward to seeing everyone again next fall. We pray for safe travels for all our winter visitors and good health for all!

Reminder to all Annual Residents – Please be sure to leave the name of your summer caretaker along with your mailing labels and let the office know your departure date. If you desire to leave a key for your home please turn it into the office and we will be keeping in under lock in the office. We are no longer keeping keys in the mailroom.

We again want to give a big thank you to all our staff for all their hard work this year to make your stay as pleasant as possible! Several of our staff will not be returning next season, some to travel and some just to relax – Gary & Jan Oltmanns, John & Jeanne Klauzenberg, Steve & Sheryl Thompson, Don Maples & Kathy Keiser and Mitch Johnston. Thank you for your sharing your talents and love for Sundance. We wish you all the best and time to enjoy retirement!

Thank you to everyone, staff and residents alike, for making our year a great one! You all are amazing and we feel truly blessed!

Tom & Kate Ebert – Managers

Life is measured in experiences, not miles.

Trust the process. Embrace the pace. Enjoy the journey.

Important Phone Numbers

911 for all police, medical and fire emergencies

Sundance Main Office 520-426-9662 (Non-business hours calls will transfer to Host)

APS  1-800-240-2014

City of Casa Grande 520-421-8600

Activities –

The Activities Team would like to thank everyone for your participation and support in all of the events that we had for you this season. We also want to wish you good health, safe travels and do hope that you have wonderful summer!

A very special thank you to the Activities Team and their spouses for their great efforts in making this season a success! Thank you to Michelle and Ken Vegter, Sheryl and Steve Thompson, Jan and Gary Oltmanns, Kathy Keiser and Don Maples, Madonna Reichert, Tami and Chris Bowman and Jan and Mike Brown.

A very special thank you to all of our resident volunteers that have helped out throughout the season. We appreciate the time you gave to help out a group, a person or helped at an event during your stay with us. Volunteers keep Sundance running and we appreciate you!

At the time this edition was printed, regularly scheduled activities are hard to plan. We are hoping that the summer calendar will remain as noted. Please watch bulletin boards for updates on events. If you are staying with us during the summer, we do hope you will join us for some summer fun!

Please call 911 for all police, medical or fire related emergencies. Have another person call 520-426-9662 which will reach the main office during business hours or a host after business hours.

We have 2 AEDs (automated external defibrillator) in the Sundance community. One is in the laundry room (SD1) and the other is located in the Ranch House (SD2) in the work out room.

Name badges are important and should be worn especially with the implementation of our Neighborhood Watch Program. It does make it easier for others to know that you are a part of the Sundance community. Thank you for wearing them.

Cans for Veterans –

We want to thank all who contributed cans for the Sundance/Fairways Veteran’s Group. We have given them $350 which is about 500 lbs. of cans! We want to also thank the friends that helped crush cans and we appreciated all of the crushed cans that we received as well. For the summer, Paul and Barb B. on Gaby will continue collecting cans until we return in November. Thank you, Paul and Sally B.

Church –

We at Sundance 1 RV Church would like to thank everybody in the resort for all the help with the toy drive. We were able to collect 721 toys and games that were delivered to the Banner Hospital Children’s wing. They were very appreciative of the generosity of all the people at Sundance 1 RV Resort.

Genealogy –

I have stepped down from being the Genealogy Coordinator to pursue other interests. Activities is now looking for someone to head up the Genealogy Club. Please let Activities or me know if you are interested. It has been a great several years. Lynn O.

Library –

We are looking for summer volunteers for the library. If you’re interested please contact Kathy D. Activities does have my contact info.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors –

Running low on food? Can’t handle the chaos of the stores? Neighbors helping neighbors is here for you!  A table of canned and other non-perishable foods is located in the Hang Out Room. This is for anyone in need of food during these trying times. We ask that you take only what you need and you use what you take. Any donations of unopened food will be accepted from those who have extra to share. There is a board in Activities that has items available to residents. You can also put a specific item on the board that you need and we will do our best to find it for you. Sharon O. and Faye B.

Sunshine Committee –

Whether our residents are near or far we do care about each other. If you know of someone in our Sundance community that is hospitalized, recovering, or suffered a loss, please email their info to Darlene at

Thank you-

I want to thank all our friends and neighbors here at Sundance for your prayers and support while I was in the hospital and nursing home. I now am on a journey of recovery at home. I so appreciated the cards, gifts and visits. They meant the world to me! Brad and I are so grateful to be in such a wonderful park with so many caring people. Bless you all! Cheryl L.