Monday, Monday Sundance!

Management Notes –

The Outhouse bathrooms (behind Hole in the Wall ) will be closed for the season on Friday 4/8.

Activity Notes –

We will have Bingo this Tuesday 4/5 and next Tuesday 4/12 which is our last one of the season.  Name badges are to be worn, Sundance and Fairways are invited, please pay with small currency, no alcohol and sorry no public is invited.

We are open Monday through Saturday 8:30am-3pm.

Outdoor Fun – Shuffleboard now plays at 9am. Pickleball has scheduled play, Water volleyball is at 1pm at Pool 2, RC Racers is at 1pm and this is all weather/wind permitting.

Room Schedules –

Please note the last kiln firing in ceramics will be on  Friday 4/8.  Shop will close on 4/15.

Sewing will be available as long as we have Monitors available.

Stained Glass will close Monday 4/11.

Lapidary will close on Tuesday 4/12.

Art Barn will have all forms of painting at 1-2:45pm.

Gamblin’ Room – 10am Mah Jongg, 1pm Bridge, 6:30pm Hand Foot & Toe.

Hang Out Room – 10am Cactus Needles, 1pm Crafty Ladies, 7pm Ping Pong.

Hole in the Wall – 9am walk Exercise, 10:30am Senior Stretch.

Tuesday 4/5

Hole in the Wall -8:30am Round Up Meeting with morning munchies, park news and info!  All Sundance guests are invited to join us.  1:30pm Line Dancing $2 fee.  6-6:45pm Card sales, 7pm Bingo.

Ranch House Meetin’ Room – 1pm Hardanger If you work on charted patterns, please join us.

Hang Out Room – 9am -12pm Reserved.  3:30pm Darts, 6pm Poker

Gamblin’ Room – 9am Wood carving (this will be our last time we meet for the season)  9:30am 5 Crowns, 6:30pm Samba,  7pm Pinochle

Art Barn – 10am Fiber Art and in the afternoon will be Fiber art and open art.  This is the final meeting of Fiber Art for the season.

Summer calendar is being updated and will be available soon.  Some activities do continue and will meet at the Hang Out Room during the summer months.  The summer portion of the calendar in the Smoke Signal is being changed and we apologize for the confusion.

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