IMPORTANT INFO and Smoke Signal February Edition

Please remember to lock your vehicles, sheds and homes especially at night to prevent burglaries and loss of valuables.  If you see or hear something suspicious, call 911 so the police will come to the park to check out the area. If you discover you have been burglarized, do not touch anything and call 911 immediately and the police will make a report.  Come to the Main office and fill out an Incident report the same day or next business day. In our Neighborhood Watch meeting attendees were advised if you see something, say something and don’t be afraid to call 911.

Laundry Room Note – When using liquid washing soap in the washers, please use only a ¼ cup.  Using more causes overflowing of soap suds.

Room reservation forms are available for 2021/2022 season in the Activity office. They can be turned in on Mon. Feb. 01 or after.


Sundance 1 RV Resort

Manager’s Message –

What a different year this has been! We are trying very hard to keep some level of normalcy this season, as much as we can, and are praying next season all of this will be just a blur!!  We are still missing so many residents who were unable to make it this season, the place just isn’t the same without everyone here!

It’s that time of year again to think about next season and making your reservations!! All RV reservations of 3 months or longer REQUIRE a $200 deposit. This does include RV Annuals – or you run the risk of your site being booked.

If you are here at Sundance this season with a 3 month or longer reservation and you wish to guarantee a 3 month or longer reservation for next season, you need to come into the office between February 8th and 19th to reserve the same site you are on this year.

On February 22nd – 26th we will be accepting reservations from those who have been here 3 months or longer who would like to choose a different site or have been bumped by an RV Annual or New Park Model.  The front desk will not be taking requests for site preferences if it opens up — it is up to you to come in and check if the site is available and request the change. All reservations are on a first come basis.

Then from March 1st – 12th If you have been here this season, for less than 3 months, you can make a 3 month or longer reservation for next season.  Beginning March 16th, we open it up to anyone, only taking reservations for 3 month or longer if including Jan, Feb, or March. Less than 3-month reservations for Jan, Feb or March will not be open for booking until September 13th.

RV Annuals are the only reservations that 100% guarantee your site. 4 month or longer reservations are guaranteed to not change sites a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of your reservation due to your needing to set up electric in your name with APS, you will be notified if there is a change.  Any reservation for 3 months or less is guaranteed A site but not guaranteed a particular site.

We encourage all guests to stop by the office to discuss your reservation needs and answer any questions you may have.

Reminders – Please keep your sites weed free (now that we’ve had some rain be prepared for them to really pop up). All Annuals must have a caretaker to watch over your site when you are gone. All Park Model owners please check your Park Model to see if it needs any sprucing up, such as washing, waxing, painting or any repairs, including steps.

REMINDER – When you leave for the season please bring forwarding address labels to the front office to let them know you are leaving! Address labels are a must if you want any of your mail forwarded to you — be safe — even if you think you won’t have mail please still leave labels — ALL MAIL will be sent Return To Sender if we do not have labels for you.

Enjoy the beautiful sunrises & sunsets that Arizona loves to give us and count the blessings of each day! Tom & Kate Ebert – Managers

Sundance 1 LLC Park Requirements

Failure to follow these guidelines may force us to close the activity/room.

  • A signed Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement is required to be on file in the Activities office for all residents and guests that are staying at Sundance 1 RV Resort and want to use any of the amenities.
  • Once waiver is signed, you will receive a gold wristband. The wristband along with a cloth mask and Sundance name badge will be required to participate in any activity offered by the park or to enter any park facility.
  • For pool or hot tub use, the wristband should be worn and your name badge should be attached to your cover up or shirt.
  • Replacement bands will be available for $ 1 each in activities.
  • Wearing of masks for outdoor activities is optional, but social distancing is still required at all times.

All rules and regulations are subject to government guidelines and will be adjusted accordingly and as required.

911 for all police, medical and fire emergencies

Important Phone Numbers

Sundance Main Office 520-426-9662 (Non-business hours calls will transfer to Host)

Sundance Host 520-213-5914

Activities 520-876-2714

APS  1-800-240-2014                     City of Casa Grande 520-421-8600

Activities –

Did you know that the Activity office is the “go to office” of Sundance? Not only do we  sell tickets for events, we sell postage stamps in small quantities, can provide info on activities in the park and where they are located, make temporary name badges for residents and guests, provide local info of surrounding area, convert cash to quarters, sell bags of ice and more!  Stop in and say hi to our friendly and helpful team!

We are a Western themed RV Resort and we would like to share a bit of the “lingo” with you.

Art Barn aka Building #3 – Located by the RC Track and Pickleball courts in the Sports Plex area by Sundance 2.

Hang Out Room – Used by several groups for activities and meetings. Darts and Poker are also played in this room. You can find it right next to the Activity office.

Hole in the Wall – Located along Pool 1, this building is where our large events take place.

Morning Message – This communication will arrive in your email, usually in the morning part of the day, five days a week. It is a brief summary of weekly events, park news and future happenings. You can sign up on the Sundance 1 RV website ( under Activities tab.

Ranch House – This is a home that has been remodeled into a gathering structure for everyone to enjoy. Located in Sundance 2, inside you will find our Lending Library, a Meetin’ Room, common area, a billiard table, reading/TV/puzzle room along with several TVs. Outside you can enjoy comfy patio furniture, a fire table and yard games.

Round Up Meeting – A park meeting held every Tuesday morning at the Hole in the Wall at 8:30am.  All residents and guests in the Sundance community are invited regardless of their length of stay to learn about the current news of the park.

Stretchin’ Shed aka Building #2 – A small work out room located just off the walk path in Sundance 2.

Wood’N Gourd Shed aka Building #1 – Located by the Ranch House and is home to our Gourd Workshop.

Grab tickets for the Hillbilly Deluxe show! The group will be here on Wednesday Feb 10 at 7pm in the Hole in the Wall with music and laughter. Tickets are $12 each.

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, Feb. 14 and we are offering special tickets for our event. Dinner tickets are $20 each and you have a choice of Prime Rib or Stuffed Bone in Pork Chop. Also included is garlic mashed potatoes, garlic green beans, roll, and a cupcake. Carry out is available between 3pm – 4pm only. Lover’s Package includes dinner and entertainment by the Arizona Wildflowers for $30 each. If you prefer to attend the Arizona Wildflowers show only, tickets are $11 each. Please purchase dinner tickets before Wed. Feb. 03 due to the food ordering timeline.

Activity teams worked hard at the beginning of the season to pressure wash all tables and chairs.  Please do your part to keep the tables and chairs from being marked up or defaced. Do not put your gum under the tables or chairs, please dispose of it properly.

Activity Coordinators and monitors please don’t arrive early for your room sessions if you are following another activity. We don’t want anyone being rushed out and proper sanitation needs to be done after each group uses a room.

The Weekly calendar is available in the Activity office now.  Updates can occur at any time so make sure you have the most current version. Room calendars are located in each room, so feel free to go exploring and see what fun things await you.

Please make sure you wash your hands frequently, wear a mask and maintain social distancing whenever possible.

2 Old Dudes –

Preliminary February schedule – Tue. Feb. 03 11am -3pm Fry Bread Taco Tuesday                 Wed. Feb. 04 11am-3pm

Thu. Feb. 04 Closed          Fri. Feb. 05   3pm-6pm Fish Fry      Mon. Feb. 08 and Tue. Feb 09 11am-3pm

Wed. Feb. 10 – Fri. Feb 12 Closed     Sun. Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day Dinner   Mon. Feb. 15 – Wed. Feb. 17 Open 11am-3pm          Thu. Feb. 19   Closed       Fri. Feb. 19 3pm-6pm Fish Fry   Mon. Feb. 15 – Wed. Feb. 17 Open 11am-3pm

Thu. Feb 25 and Fri. Feb. 26 Closed      Fri. Mar. 05 Last Fish Fry of season.

Bible Study –

Join us as we study Jonah at 10-11:30am in the Hang Out Room. For further info contact Deb G. #512.


In an effort maintain the tables properly please practice the following.  In the corner pocket of the table is a small piece of cloth that is to be placed under the cue ball when breaking the rack. There are wipes available in the dispenser that can be used to clean cue sticks and the top black rail on the table.  At no time are you to use any spray or wipes on the cloth of the table or on the pool balls. If you want to wipe the pool balls, please use a dry, clean paper towel with no solution. Only bottled water can be brought into the room and must be kept away from all tables and equipment. As with any park building, a mask is required to be worn at all times during your visit. Tony Lau

Bingo –

February is “love” month and there will be surprises the whole month. We play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Hole in the Wall. Sign up is recommended and you can always come at 6:30pm at the Hole in the Wall to see if there are any seats available. Players who sign up must arrive between 6pm-6:30pm. If you arrive after that time, you will have to wait at the end of the line for walk-ins. Everyone has been cooperative which we do appreciate.

Cactus Needles –

If you like to knit or crochet join us in the Hang Out room 10am-12pm on Mondays.  We work on projects for local agencies who are involved with foster children and the homeless.

Cans for Veterans –

Your contributions of aluminum cans allowed us to donate $250 to the Sundance/Fairways Veterans in January. Drop off your cans at site 171 in the container. We do prefer them crushed but will accept uncrushed cans as we well. Thank you, Paul and Sally Brown

Ceramic Shop –

Now that the holidays are over, and everyone is ready to get busy with their activities and projects. The Ceramic Shop is open. Hours are: Monday through Friday, 9am -12pm and 1-3:45pm. We have greenware, bisque and all the other supplies you would need to do your masterpiece. We have a monitor in everyday to help you and answer any questions you may have. Come and check us out. Lynn Olson, Coordinator

Church –

Sundance Church holds non-denominational services every Sunday at 8:45am at the Hole in the Wall. Masks will be required and we will be allowed 50 in attendance. Chairs will be set up for social distancing.  We hope you will join us.

Condolences –

Sundance sympathy is extended to Bill Jones, family and friends in the loss of Terry and also to Linda Ingold in the loss of her step-son.

Country Store –

Friday, Feb. 05. Country Store will be held from 9am-12pm. We will have a walk pattern in place along with mask and social distancing requirements. Everyone has been so cooperative with this event and we thank you for supporting our crafters.

Couples and Pattern Dance –

We have decided due to low class attendance that we will not have lessons for the remaining of the season. We do want to invite you to join us when classes resume in November 2021 for dance, fun, and exercise!  Thank you, Kent and Sandi Reedy

Fiction Book Club

Our February meeting will be on Tuesday, the 16th in the Hang Out Room at 9:30am. We will be discussing A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purrell.  We will also review the January book, Beloved by Toni Morrison.  On Tuesday March 16th discussion will be on Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. Come join us for lively discussions!  Questions can be directed to Lajla Hood via call or text 320-237-2691

Gourd Workshop –

We are located in the Wood’ N Gourd Shop (building 1) next to the Ranch House in Sundance 2. There is plenty of parking behind the Ranch House. Our hours are Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12pm and 12:45-3:45pm. We offer beginner and advanced sessions and we suggest signing up due to the popularity.  Mask, name badge and wristband are required. Lynn Olson

Greeting Card Making Class-

February classes will be held on Thursday, Feb.11 and Feb. 25, 10am-12pm at the Ranch House Meetin’ Room.  A minimum of 3 participants are needed to hold class. $10 fee for 4 cards. Sign up is in Activities. Susan Updike

Laundry –

Please remember when using the new washing machines that you do have to press the “start” button in order for the machine to begin the cycle. If you don’t press the “start” button the machine will time out and the unit will not operate. This is a different process than how the older machines are operated. Don’t put quilts or large bed coverings in our washers and dryers as they do not wash or dry these items well. We ask that you take them to one of the facilities in Casa Grande that can handle larger items of this nature.

Library –

Come to the Library at the Ranch House and choose from the many options of reading material we have on our shelves!  We are now offering DVD movies to borrow and enjoy at your home. Don’t forget, right across the hall you can enjoy a puzzle, read, or watch TV.  Barb Newman

Line Dance                                                                                                  

Join us every Thursday, 1-3pm at the Hole in the Wall for good fun and exercise. Fee is $2.00 per class. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Mailroom –

If you have individuals that are staying at your site and not registered with the front office, please do so and then stop by the Mailroom and let us know their name. Our room has been expanded; however, we are unable to hold mail that we don’t know who it belongs to. We also ask that you let us know if there are individuals at your site that have different last name(s) than you or if there is a business name associated with your site. We ask that everyone check your mailbox at least once a week. The mailboxes are only so big and often mail can’t be put in the box because it is full. Your help is greatly appreciated.

MGN Sales –

If you haven’t checked out the refreshed Sundance 1 RV Resort website (, please do! Our goal was to streamline the site and make it more user friendly. A gentle reminder that Sundance 2 is under construction. Please do not enter any home without having a MGN host or salesperson with you. Thank you.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors –

If you are need of temporary help, please reach out to the Activities office so we can put you on the list.  We also have a volunteer list for anyone who wants to be a helper. For further info stop in at the Activities office or reach out to Sharon O.


Come join one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. The Sundance Pickleball Club caters to all skill levels, from those who just want to have social time with friends, to the more competitive players. Beginner lessons and skill practice is every Thursday, 10am – 11:15am. There are a variety of scheduled events throughout the week that start at 10am with Round Robin play every Monday and Wednesday. Open play is Tuesday and Thursday. Competitive play along with Men’s Ladder on Friday, and Saturday is Mixed Ladder. Don’t worry if you don’t have a paddle, because the Activities Office has paddles for you to sign out. Schedules are on the counter in Activities as well.


In an effort to keep debris down in the pools, please do not wear street shoes in any pools or hot tubs.  The fine gravel and dirt can have an effect on filters and possibly cause failure. Pool shoes are fine just don’t wear them to and from the complex.


We’ve had a few inquiries regarding potlucks and unfortunately most of the state, tournament, or activity potlucks have been cancelled this season. Darts will have their dinner on Sunday, Feb. 14 in the Hang Out Room, 4pm set up, 4:30pm-7pm is dinner. Contact Brian site #2 or see him on Tuesdays or Thursdays at Darts in the Hang Out Room for more info.

RC Group

The Sundance 1 Radio Control car racing group is off and running for this season! We race every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:30pm – 3:30pm.  If you think you would like to get involved in R.C. car racing, stop by the track, next to the pickleball courts and talk to one of the racers. We are happy to discuss what you need to get started and will probably will let you take a car around the track for a few laps. Andy Karlsnes #32

Random Acts of Kindness –

Our January nominees are Debbie Gonzalez, nominated by Kathy Keiser for giving her roses for no apparent reason on January 2nd. This was a great way to start off the New Year!  Jenny Miller was nominated by Deb Yelton for her efforts in stepping forward to be a Coordinator for many card games so they could be offered this season. Several Coordinators are not here or have stepped back due to virus concerns and Jenny has filled in. She also gives her time to others who are in need of help or support. Darcus Arnold was nominated for giving beautiful bouquets of flowers not once, but twice to Colleen Kopp which made her smile. Tom and Kate Ebert were nominated for changing their plans at the last minute to pick up Reina Nelson from the airport since her husband Kirk was very ill at home and unable to drive. They also gave her homemade chicken noodle soup for Kirk. Ricky Corona, one of our Sundance landscapers, was nominated by Stan and Bonnie Johnson. Ricky always has a smile for everyone even on mornings when it is colder than normal. He’s always so pleasant, kind, and remembers your name. Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you to those who took a moment to recognize others.  Nominations forms are available in the Activity office for February and should be turned in by Wednesday Feb.17

Round Up Meeting –

All residents and guests are invited to come to the Hole in the Wall at 8:30am and learn about what is happening in your Sundance community! If your stay is long or short please join us for a cup of coffee or tea and morning munchies.

Rzr Group –

If you’re interested in joining our group for some great desert riding feel to reach out to me to get on the email list. We usually ride on Tuesdays except for holidays. Stop in at Activities for more info.   Andy K.

Senior Stretch –

Guys and gals are invited for a great work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30-11:30am at the Hole in the Wall. This is a low impact workout for those of us who may not be able to do the more strenuous types of movement or for those who just want to move. Give us a try! Nancy Bittinger

Shuffleboard –

Scheduled play is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am. Tuesday is bowling pin shuffle, with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is regular shuffleboard where you play for yourself. Tuesday bowing pin shuffle is a team event with all the yellow against the black which results in a really fun time, with cheering and encouragement by all. The shuffleboards are there for anyone to play anytime. The cost is 0.50 per person to play.  Payment is on your honor and put in the jar in the shed. We encourage anyone wanting to learn the game to come on the day of play and we will show you.

The boards do need proper care prior to play and taken care of after play and we are happy to show you the maintenance routine. We will be having our annual single elimination shuffleboard tournament starting on Monday. Feb. 15 at 9:30am. Sign-up sheet will be posted on Monday, Jan. 25 through Monday, Feb. 08 at the courts each day of scheduled play. It is a pot luck draw for teams and it will take four sessions to complete Monday through Thursday. We will play in the morning, weather permitting.

There is a $1 entry fee for the tournament which is paid back in prize money.  If additional play is needed to fill brackets, we will play on Friday, Feb. 12. You must be a park resident to participate.  Joe and Carolyn Hess

Softball –

Winter League play for the Sundance Mustangs begins January 5th.  All Mustang games will be at the Palm Creek Softball Field.  Game schedules are available in the Activities Office. The concession stand will be open.  Please use COVID precautions when attending games, these include masks and social distancing.  We hope to see and hear you at the games. Ron Guidi

Stained Glass –

STAINED GLASS IS OPEN AND WAITING FOR YOU!! We have started to see visitors return as well as some new faces. The creativity flows and we are excited to help any way we can. We have a new option available this year. Normally, we have required you to bring with you $1 /half day room fee to help cover equipment and miscellaneous expenses. This year instead of asking you to remember your name tag, wrist band, mask AND a dollar bill, we have created a punch card for your convenience AND it gives you a real deal!  For $10, we will sell you a punch card for 10 sessions and give you 1 free Loyalty Punch! We will file the card for you in the shop so that you will not need to remember to bring it with you. We have many projects available for you to create including window hangings, stepping stones, mosaics. . .including gazing balls. If your particular interest is mosaic work, we would request that you visit the shop on Monday afternoons when our most experienced mosaic instructor is available.   We are now open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all day with Thursday morning and Friday afternoons also available. We will continue to post hours on the door in case there are changes. Try it!!! You just may love it!!   Cindel Nielson, Jim McBride, Harriett Reed

Sundance Motorcycle Riders

Our group is growing and rides are usually on Sundays although we have taken a few Saturday rides. If you’re interested in joining, stop in at Activities for additional info. Thanks Doug Boyd.

Sundance 1 & 2 Sewers/Quilters –

Sundance Quilters have been busy at sewing and quilting! Our room can have up to 24 occupants and we are practice social distancing and sanitizing to keep everyone safe! The Membership voted to cancel the annual quilt show this year due to virus concerns and wanting to keep everyone healthy. Donna Harrison has made a quilt for the Sundance/Fairways Veterans to raise funds. Be sure to purchase tickets for this beautiful quilt!  Irene Mattoon

The Friendship Committee part of the Sewers/Quilters is an in-park charitable committee. Our purpose is to acknowledge and offer comfort to our Sundance neighbors and friends who are experiencing serious health issues or those who have lost a spouse or partner. Quilts and prayer cloths are made by our members using donated materials or their own fabric. Sewing room members may nominate a Sundance resident to receive a prayer cloth or quilt. Presentations are made by a member of our committee, an officer and usually the person who made the nomination. We have six nominations since last season.  Last month we answered the call from Toys for Tots and donated six children quilts to the motorcycle group who were collecting toys for the Casa Grande community.  The quilts were auctioned off and the proceeds allowed for over $200 in toys to be purchased by the group. We also support the Casa Grande Police Department by providing officers with quilts for their squad cars to offer children who are in difficult situations. Stop in the sewing room to see all the creativity and care that we put into all of our projects. Diane Miller

The Community Charity portion of the group has great news!!  We are very near completion of the “Wish List” from Oasis Nursing Home & Rehab Center. We have a selection of quilts that need to be quilted for the Foster Care System. If you feel inclined to practice on your quilting techniques, this is a perfect format. Come and see me on Tuesday mornings in the quilt/sewing room and I can get you set up. Newbies are very welcome and all interested individuals. A lovely batch of 13 new stuffed animals and a beautiful soft cuddly quilt will be delivered to the Casa Grande Police Department for use in their cars. Hope to see some new faces on Tuesday mornings. Community Charity Coordinator, Doretta Oaklief

Sundance Woodcarvers

Sundance Woodcarvers meet on Tuesday and Friday from 9am-12pm in the Gamblin’ Room. We welcome newcomers and all other skill levels. We have a number of patterns for beginner projects and experienced carvers are very willing to help everyone. Craig Johnson

Sunshine Committee –

Your Sundance friends are like family and they care about each other. If you know of someone who has suffered a loss, in the hospital, or recovering at home please email their info to Darlene at or you can always drop off the info to Activities as well.

Thank You –

Our Park Ranger, Sandy Fisher would like to send a “thank you” to the guys that play Billiards every other evening.  She appreciates that you have your game wrapped up by the time she arrives to lock up.

Town Council –

Nominations need to be in the Town Council box located in Activities by Thursday, Feb. 11. Candidates will be introduced at the Round Up Meeting Tuesday, Feb. 23, Early/Absentee voting Saturday Feb. 23 and Sunday, Feb. 28. Time and location(s) TBA.  Election Day Tue. Mar. 02 at Hole in the Wall, time TBA.  Your Town Council encourages everyone to complete the form located in Activities to address any comments, suggestions, or park improvements you may have on how to improve the Sundance community. It’s important that it is signed for it to be considered for discussion. – Alan

Veterans Group

The Sundance/Fairways Veterans Group sends our thanks to all who supported our quilt and stained-glass picture raffle. The money raised was sent to the Pinal County HOHP Veterans Transition Center to assist in the completion of the facility that will house veterans in transition back to civilian life. The Veterans Group meets on the second Monday at 10:00am in the Hangout Room and we invite all who served in the U.S. and Canadian armed forces to join us. For all Sundance and Fairways residents returning after Christmas, we will offer another quilt raffle during February and into March with tickets on sale during the weekly Round Up Meeting and in the Activities Office. Tickets will be one dollar each or seven tickets for five dollars. The quilt will be on display in Activities. Again, we thank everyone for their support to our veterans.  Barry Segal. FW#168

Sundance Resident Spotlight –             

Darcus Arnold arrived 7 years ago thanks to a visit arranged by Richard and Nita Moquin. She couldn’t find anything she liked in the Mesa area and when she came through the gate at Sundance, she said,” it was love at first sight”.  She rented for 3 months and proceeded to buy her first park model. She stays active with water exercise, walking, card playing and Town Council.

Debbie Gonzalez and her husband Ruben have been at Sundance for 5 years. Neither of them had been to an RV resort and never owned an RV. They decided it was a better option to enjoy a warmer winter than to spend the winter in Chicago, doing nothing other than watching TV. She fell in love with the park and calls it an “adult day camp” with so many things to do!

Jenny Miller was a recent widow when she finally gave in to her brother, Mike’s invitation to come and visit him and his wife at Sundance.  She immediately fell in love with the park, the people and was elated to learn that there was a large group of pinochle players!  She hasn’t looked back and has been here for 11 years.

Tom and Kate Ebert discovered Sundance by the management position that was open 2 years ago. “The awesome people and outstanding staff is what has kept them here!” says Kate. They both enjoy the residents and staff along with all the amenities the park offers the residents. When we have time, we love going to the pool. Kate loves photography, playing cards and board games. Tom loves hunting but hasn’t had the opportunity to go here in Arizona yet. He also like to make Kate happy by playing cards and board games with her! They have been married for almost 39 years, but who’s counting.

Ricky Corona answered a newspaper ad 5 years ago that Sundance had placed. He loves working for the park because it’s not boring at all, and there is something different to do every day.  He loves everything about Sundance including the people because they are all so nice.