Happy St. Patrick’s Day Sundance!

Management Notes –

Keys should be brought to the Main office only, as they are kept in a locked cabinet and must be checked out by your caretaker, cleaning person, or for emergencies. This is also a good time to leave  the name of your caretaker and drop off mailing labels. Please DO NOT put keys in the Mailroom mail slot.  If you have questions, please contact the  Main office at 520-426-9662 or stop in.

Main office hours are now 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday.

Activity Notes –

Reminder for Western Days on Saturday 3/19 there will be parking lot and road closure.  This inconvenience is for one and we ask that you do not remove cones or tape in the following areas.  Parking lot of Main office, Activates,  MGN Sales, parking lot for Laundry and in front of the Ceramics to Gamblin’ Room area.  A small section of the “one way” road will also be closed.  Please drive carefully during the event as we anticipating many guests.  We will have soda and water for purchase at $1 each throughout the day and note that the weather will be warm and sunny.

Mailing labels can be made in our Computer Lab for a small fee.  Support the lab and have your labels made by them!


Our parade celebrating wearing of the green will stage at the Ranch House parking lot at 12:30pm and everyone is invited to decorate your carts, bikes or scooters and join us.  PLEASE do not park on the street as it does create a traffic hazard.  Step off will be at 1pm.  Maps of the route are posted at the Activities outside calendar, Hang Out Room, Laundry Room and at the Ranch House.  Please be courteous to the traffic spotters during this time!  A big thank you to Terry and Bev Mitchell for organizing this event!

St. Patrick’s Dinner will be at the Hole in the Wall with take out only at 3:30-4pm.  The Hole in the Wall will be locked until 4:20pm with Social starting at 4:30pm.  Dinner service begins at 5pm.  Bring your tickets and don’t forget to wear your name badge.

Room Schedules-

Art Barn offers open art all day.  9am-12pm and 1pm to 3:45pm.  Any and all art is invited to join in on the fun.

Gamblin’ Room 9am Hand foot & Toe, 1pm Pinochle, 7pm Mexican Train dominoes.

Hang Out Room 3:30pm Darts, 6pm Poker

Hole in the Wall 9am Walk Exercise, 1:30pm Line Dancing, 3:30-4pm St. Patrick’s Dinner take out only, 4:40pm Social and 5pm Dinner service begins.

Ranch House Meetin’ Room 7pm Bridge

Sunday 3/20 we will be hosting a Sundance Happy Hour Street Dance 4-6:30pm in the parking lot of the Main office, Activity office, MGN Sales.  Join us for an evening of dance music provided by Entertainment by George.  Bring your chair and beverage too.  Food will be available for purchase at the gazebo area.  Menu – Burger or Brat $10 .   We hope to see you dancing! Please use a different parking area during this time.

Campbell’s Band ticket sales are going great and they will be here on Friday 3/25 7-10pm at the Hole in the Wall.  At this time this event is open to Sundance and Fairways only.  Dinner will be available for purchase before the dance featuring chicken fried steak.  Come to the Hole in the Wall to dine and dance!

-Happiness being a dessert that is so sweet, may life give you more than you can ever eat.-  Irish Blessing