Good Morning Sundance !

Thank you to everyone who came out in their golf carts Wednesday evening to spread the Christmas spirit.  A special thank you to our spectators that cheered everyone on.

The Greeting Card Making Class for this morning at the Ranch House has been cancelled. Next class will be in January on Thu. the 14th.

Couples Dance will be in the Hole in the Wall today 10am-12pm $1 per couple.

Due to the lack of sales for the New Year’s Eve Dance, we have cancelled this event.  Dinner is still on and we have tickets available for dine in or carry out. Choice of Prime Rib or 1/2 Roasted Chicken with all the wonderful sides prepared by the 2 Old Dudes. $30 per person and we hope you will join us for a tasty meal.

Bingo for this evening does have seats available so come on into Activities and sign up. If you miss the sign up sheet, come to the Hole in the Wall at 6:30pm to see if there are any open seats available. There will be some surprises to add more fun to the evening.

Sat. 12/19 we will have a Christmas themed movie at the Hole in the Wall at 7pm. Bring your comfy chair and snacks for a relaxing night out.

Church services are held at 8:45am at the Hole in the Wall every Sunday morning.

Sun. 12/20 Caroling through our Sundance community will take place with carolers meeting in the parking lot in front of Activities at 5:30pm. This event is modified by using golf carts to travel from one stop to another.  We do have extra carts and the music. Please bring a flashlight and your voice.  Everyone is welcome to join us.  Stop #1 Sundance site 705/230 #2 Billy the Kid site 195   #3 Newman and Duke #4 Redford and George West #5 Diane Starr site 10 #6 Duke and Redford #7Redford site 674/617  #8 Redford and Adam Way  #9 Gaby and Ritter site 688 #10 Adam Way and Autry intersection #11 Tonto and Maverick site 398 SD2 stops are Pecos Bill and Smokey then to Paladin and Cody, Paladin and Apache and our final stop SD3 site 818.  There may be unscheduled stops along the way as well.

-“You’re aging when your actions creak louder than your words.” – Milton Berle