Embrace the Day, it’s Sundance Thursday!

Lunch will be available by the Bearded Butcher in the pull through site #698, 11am-1pm.

Today the Art Barn will be open 9am-12pm and 12:30-2:45pm.  All artists are invited to bring in projects to work on.  You’re also welcome to learn a new hobby as well!

Gamblin’ Room has Hand, Foot & Toe at 9am. At 1pm Pinochle is played. Evening games are Dominoes at 6:30pm and Bridge is at 7pm.

Darts will be in the Hang Out Room at 3:30pm  Dealers Choice will begin at 6pm.

Walk Exercise is at 9am at the Hole in the Wall.

Tue. 4/13 will be our last Round Up Meeting of the season at 8:30am in the Hole in the Wall.  Everyone is welcome to enjoy coffee, tea and morning munchies while learning about park news.

Sauce Boss will be here on Tue. 4/13 offering Taco Tuesday eats 3-6pm in pull through site #698!  Menus are posted on bulletin boards and in Activities.

Monday’s riddle was  a man was walking in the rain, He was in the middle of nowhere. He had nothing and nowhere to hide.  He came home all wet, but not a sing hair on his head was wet. Why it this?   Answer — He was bald.   Have a great day!