Beautiful Moon Monday Sundance!

Great Morning all!  This past weekend we had several potlucks take place and we want to say THANK YOU to all of the coordinators and guests that helped the “Clean Team” by being on schedule and tidying up. This was  very appreciated by the “CleanTeam”.

Reminder, reservations for 2020-2021 will start on Tuesday, Feb.11 2020, not on Monday Feb.10. Deposits will be taken for those with a minimum of a 3 month stay or more.

This morning the Sundance Round Up  meeting will be at the Hole in the Wall at 8:30am Speaker/sponsor is Deron from PM-MH Ins. Everyone is encouraged to attend regardless of your length of stay. Coffee, tea and morning munchies are available.

Pickleball your meeting is in the Gambling Room 4:30-6:30pm tonight.

Fairways Bingo is tonight with card sales beginning at 6pm. Please wear name badge and players need to be 18 years old to play. Open to Fairways and Sundance residents and their registered guests only.

Join the Jammers tonight at 6:30-8:30pm at the Hole in the Wall for music, vocals, and fun.

Tue. 2/11  Woodcarving is in the Gambling Room 9am-1pm. Everyone is invited to come in and see what we are all working on. Beginner projects are available and we are very happy to teach you. We also meet on Friday in the Gambling Room 9am-12pm.

The 2 Old Dudes are in the kitchen serving up lunch 11am-2pm at the the Hole in the Wall. They will be back open with a lighter dinner menu 4-6:30pm.

Sundance Bingo will be at the Hole in the Wall with card sales 6-6:45pm. Open to Sundance and Fairways residents and their registered guests only. You must wear your name badge and be 18 years old to play. Please pay with smaller currency.

Wed. 2/12 WW meeting will be in the Gambling Room 7:30-8:30am.

Town Council will meet at the Ranch House 9-10:30am.

Trusts and More seminar will be in the Hang Out Room 1-2:30pm. Sign up in Activities.

RC Cars will be having a meeting in the Gambling Room 4-6pm.

Michigan potluck will be 4-6:30pm in the Hole in the Wall. Sign up sheet is in Activities.

Don’t forget to come and see us in Activities for your tickets! We have food, entertainment and dance tickets available.  Sign ups for Tag A-Longs, Unique Dining Experience in Downtown Casa Grande, health screenings and more!

Smile, so everyone wonders what you’re up to…