Another Beautiful Tuesday Sundance!

This morning at 8:30am in the Hole in the Wall will be the Round Up Meeting.  Join us for coffee, tea and morning munchies while learning about the park news.  See you there!

The Rzr Riders will be meeting at the McDonald’s in Florence at 8:30am.  Last ride there were 13 rigs that enjoyed a picnic and a  great ride.  The riding season is nearing the end so feel free to join us!

Last Bingo of the season will be tonight at 7pm at the Hole in the Wall.  For under $10 you can have a fun evening of laughs and perhaps win some cash!

Woodcarvers will be in the Gamblin’ Room at 9am.  Pinochle is played at 7pm.

Hang Out Room has Darts at 3:30pm and Dealers Choice at 6pm.

Gourd Shop will be closed this morning and open this afternoon.  We will close the shop on Thu. 4/1.

Computer Lab is open Mon., Wed., and Fri. at 9am-11:45pm.  If you need labels please visit the lab by Mon. 4/5 as that will be our last day we will be open.  $1 per sheet.

Aluminum cans can be dropped off at site 171 through Wed. 3/31.  We do prefer them crusher but will accept them in any form. Beginning Thu. 4/1, summer collection will be at #510 Gaby.  All proceeds go to the Sundance/Fairways Veterans.

#1 plastic only can be dropped off at SD2 #19.  If you could rinse, remove labels, and flatten we would appreciate it. You  can also drop off your donation to the Bow Wow Meow Consignment Shop in Old Town Casa Grande, 315 N. Florence St in the alley behind the store.  All proceeds support The Valley Humane Society.

Have your Happy Hour on  Fri. 4/2 at Pool 1 Patio.  Warren Young will be here 4-6pm playing his guitars and unusual instruments with songs by the Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan and more!  Bring your comfy chair, beverage and personal snack for a afternoon of music.  NO glass containers are allowed in patio, pool, or hot tub area.

Did you know that we have 3 water fitness classes at Pool 1 Mon. – Fri.?  Aqua Size is at 7am, Water Aerobics is at 8am, and Water Exercise is at 9am.

A sundial has the fewest moving parts of any timepiece. Which has the most?     Answer  will be in Wed. Morning Message! : )