Activities NEWS BLAST October 17, 2022


OCTOBER 17, 2022 


TODAY IS THE DAY…….Stop into Activities to meet the team and enjoy cookies and popcorn.  The Main office and the Mailroom increase their hours for the season and your favorite activities begin.  

 Activity rooms may not be open full-time yet, due to arrival of Coordinators and room monitors for the season.   Check with the Activities Office for information.  

The ceramics room will be open Mon-Wed-Fri until our monitors are back. Coordinator will post hours on the door and notify Activities when and as days and hours increase. 

A message from Stained Glass Starting out slow as only a few monitors have arrived, so hours will be few, the room Coordinator will be in the shop on Tues. morning, Oct. 18. If you are interested in working, please stop by and she can talk to you about possibilities. 

Bingo is tentatively scheduled to begin November 8th, your Bingo Coordinator is Linda Starr many of you may remember her as a former Bingo Coordinator.   Welcome back Linda 

The following activities will not start until after November 1st 

Book Club                                                                               Pinochle 

Bridge                                                                                     Ping Pong 

Cribbage                                                                                Couples Dance 

Euchre Five Crowns –December                                            Line Dance 

Bible Study –December                                                         Jammers 

Vets club Senior Stretch  

Church Services 

A note from your friendly HOSTS…Residents are returning, please DO NOT PARK in resident sites without prior approval. 

Reminder the park speed limit is 15 mph, and ALL wheeled forms of transportation must stop at stop signs. 

Ice and water machines are now located in the Hallway by the laundry room as well as Sundance3 behind the pool area—FYI place and OPEN bag before releasing ice.  Opps! 

A change machine is now located in the laundry room for your convenience. 

If you are returning books or donating to the library, please put them in the tub. Only our trained librarians will be doing the labeling and shelving. Thank you for using our library. 

Where do I get my mail? And what’s my address? 

  • SD1—1703 N. Thornton Rd. SP#  
  • SD2 — 1837 N. Thornton Rd. SP# 
  • SD3 — 1779 N. Thornton Rd. SP# 
  • The Buttes — 1820 N. Thornton Rd. SP# 


  • SD1 and SD3 USPS mail is picked up at the post office and placed in your mailbox in the mailroom of the SD1 main complex. 
  • SD2 mail is delivered by USPS to your mailbox located in front of the Ranch House. The Buttes mail is delivered by USPS to your mailbox located in the Buttes compound. 

PACKAGE DELIVERY (Amazon, Fed EX. UPS) is delivered directly to your site. The Activities Office, Main Office nor Mailroom accepts packages.  

Packages and USPS mail must be dropped at the mailroom prior to 9:30 a.m. 

Outgoing USPS Mail can be sent from the mailroom by dropping in the drop box located in the “inside” hallway between the Main Office and mailroom.  “IN Park” mail between residents for only SD1 and SD3 can be dropped in the “Park” drop box and will be placed in resident box.  The mailroom DOES NOT deliver to SD2 or The Buttes. 

Stamps may be purchased in Activities (minimum 4 per purchase)  

Wash Permits may be may be purchased from Activities and need to be posted when using the park water supply to clean vehicles, decks, screens, park models, etc. 

Cost is: 

  • $7.00 Day permit 
  • $17.00 Season permit (Oct – March) 
  • $27.00 Annual permit (Oct 22-Sep 30 2023) 

Several people have asked what the phone number for the Casa Grande Police Department is. It’s 520-421-8700. 

Join us Tuesday morning for the OCT 18th ROUND-UP Meeting located in the Hole In the Wall from 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. Round-Up meetings are presented as information on upcoming activities. Please remember these meetings are not an open forum of issues and concerns which should be directed to the Town Council through their suggestion box in the Activities Office or by attending their open meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in the Ranch House. (ACTIVITIES OFFICE WILL open at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday-allowing the staff to attend)