A Little Chill for a Sundance Monday

Thankfully no frost on the pumpkin here, but it is a bit chilly.  We will take it along with the sunshine too!

Please note that there was a communication snafu regarding Jammers performance on Monday evenings.  At this time they will not be on the Monday night schedule until the first of the year. The good news is they are practicing on Friday mornings in the Hang Out at 9am.  So sorry for the inconvenience.

Mon 11/09  Ceramics and Quilting will be open for business.  Reminder that a mask, Sundance name badge, and wristband are required to enter any facility and are to be worn at all times.  Social distancing is to be practiced as well.

Shuffleboard will take place at 9:30am this morning. Masks are optional although encouraged to be worn and social distancing is a must.

Gamblin’ Room is open for play.  Note that we are still looking for a Genealogy Coordinator.  If not found, we will drop it from the December calendar.

Woodcarvers are starting up their season tomorrow Tue. 11/10 in the Gamblin’ Room 9am- 1pm.  All skill levels are invited to join in.

Hole in the Wall activities start with the Walk Group this morning at 9am.

Tuesday 11/10 Round Up meeting will be at the Hole in the Wall at 8:30am. Please sign up in Activities and if you do sign up and discover you can’t make it, please remove your name from the sheet to allow others to attend.

At the Activity office you can find the Assumptions waivers, Random Acts of Kindness nomination forms, many sign up sheets and more! Smoke Signal newsletter will be out later this week.

Thank you to the Sundance crafters and to all shoppers that attended our outdoor Country Store.  We had very few instances where individuals had to be reminded of social distancing and everyone enjoyed themselves.

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. – Ralph Waldo Emerson