A Brisk Fall Sundance Day!

If you haven’t signed up for our Halloween Gala  this Sat. Oct. 31, come on over to the  Activities Office and get your tickets. $2 per person and we want everyone to wear a costume for our contest. There will be prizes too. George Hickman will be supplying the tunes 5-8pm at the Hole in the Wall. Let’s have some fun!

Walgreens will be here on Mon. Nov. 16, 1-3pm at the Hole in the Wall. Please sign up now for any of the following vaccines. Flu, High Dose Flu(65 y/o and older), Shingles, and Pneumonia.

We want to offer popular activities and new things to do too! If you have a passion in any of the following, we are looking for Activity Coordinators.  Dominoes, Genealogy, Hiking, Pegs & Jokers, and  Woodworking. Stop in at the Activities Office.

Sign up sheets are posted in Activities for Diamond Art Painting, Line Dancing, Gate Monitors, Volunteers, Motorcycle Enthusiasts, and Yoga! We are also taking sign ups for the Thu. Golf Scramble on Nov. 05. Fee is $2.

Reminder that cloth masks are required in all Park facilities and please practice social distancing.

More info to come on Bingo and Country Store!

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it! – Yogi Berra