A Beautiful Morning Sundance!

The 2 Old Dudes are winding up another season here at Sundance. With that being said, their hours will be dependent on their on hand food supply.  They will be open on Tue. 4/14 and Wed. 4/15 for lunch 11am-2pm.   Additional updates will be posted this week and don’t be surprised to see their menu adjusted as the week progresses.  So far, $1,654 in tip money has been donated to the Sundance/Fairways Veteran’s group.

Aluminum can collection for the summer will be at 510 Gaby. Crushed cans are appreciated and please put them in the green container. All proceeds are donated to the Veteran’s group of Sundance/Fairways.

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul”. – Henry Ward Beecher