Activities News Blast Oct 27, 2022


OCTOBER 27, 2022

“Well slap me silly, and call me Darlin’, it’s Friday

It’s been a month already since I stepped into the position of Activity Director, and I’m lov’in it.  You guys and gal’s are running me ragged with schedule changes, and questions questions questions.  But thanks to a great team working with me, I hope we’ve been able to answer your questions and meet your expectations thus far.

Thanks to “The Cowboy” I think we have the keys for all the cabinets resolved, and have located everyone’s room supplies.  Thank you for your patience.

On the downside, the “SMOKE SIGNAL” for November 1st will be late….  Not only am I new at writing a “Newspaper” but the printer has a new publisher, hope to have it in your mailboxes by the end of next week.”  IT’s BETTER LATE THAN NEVER,” “Superman first appeared in 1938…It took Him just 75 years to realize that his underwear must be worn under pants.”

On the upside, I think we’re almost done with the schedule changes and the November schedule will be out on November 1st ….in time for the Round-up meeting, which is at 8:30 in the Hole in the Wall on Tuesday Nov 1st.

We are so excited to welcome Melissa and David as the kitchen Manager’s of the “Coop” starting November 1st they will begin serving a breakfast brunch from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. for $10.00 M – Th- F, and a lunch every day for $12.00 from 11:30 to 1:30.  We all know how difficult it is in the food industry in today’s world, I encourage you to pay them patronage, let’s help make them successful.

Thank you Robert Haynes for letting us know that you are willing and interested in helping others haul trash to the dumpsters with your Chevy pick-up.  Please see us in the Activity Ofc for Robert’s information and assistance.   Is there anyone else out there who wants to offer their services up to help their neighbors.  Maybe a personal shopper, electrician, plumber, heating and cooling, manicures, haircuts, pet care and/or grooming, etc.  Provide your information to the Activity Office.

We have some immediate needs for volunteers.  Sign up for the following in the Activities Office.

We need you……I would love to help….. 

  • Bingo helpers—    Sure I can…..
  • Holiday Park Decorating – Using park supplied decorations (Deck the Park with Holiday Cheer) I’ll be there……Pick me, pick me…..
  • Christmas Float – to be entered in the City of Casa Grande “Electric Light Parade” on December 3rd. When where….We will have an informational meeting on November 4th, at 6:00 p.m. in the Ranch House.

WHAT’S HAPPEN’N this week

HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR, with Bob Villa performing at POOL1,  4 – 6 pm on Monday evening, bring your witches brew, join our custume contest and pumpkin carving contest and win prizes for scariest, most creative, and funniest.

On Nov 2nd, join us again at POOL1 for Karaoke with George from 4 – 6:30 pm

CONGRATULATIONS Walt AND SASSY….. Friends of Walt Hammer and Shirley (Sassy) Skinner are invited to an open house reception on Saturday, November 5 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm at the Hole in the Wall. Although we are not legally married we exchanged vows and rings on July 2, 2022 in Byers Colorado with family as witnesses. Sundance has been a winter home for each of us for many years and we want to celebrate our commitment to each other with our Sundance friends. Please — no gifts; your presence is the greatest present.

What”s Open

  • Everyday:  Billiard Room, exercise room SD1 & SD2, Pool1, Pool2, Bocce Ball, Pickle Ball, Ranch House (Library, pool table, patio and fire pit, puzzle room, kitchen/game room)
  • Art Barn:  M    1 –3:30      T   9 – 12        TH  9:30 – 3          F – Mandala Dot Painting Intermediate/Advanced         Beginner 1:30 – 4 (must sign-up in Activities.)
  • Gourd Shop:  M – T – W- TH – F    9 –12 and 1:30 – 3:30
  • Sewing Room:   M – F   9:00 – 3:00
  • Stained Glass:   M- F 9:00 – 3:30, and Wednesday evenings 6:00 – 8:30 pm
  • Ceramics Room – M – W – F  9:00 – 2:00
  • Lapidary – TBD, Check with activities
  • Computer Room  – M – W – F  9:00 – 12  (Yes Earl, the INK has arrived)

Still looking for something to do…. check in with the needleworkers and crafters in the Hang out Room

  • Crafty Ladies – M & F  1-3  the Cactus Needles –  M 10 –12 and Hardanger T 1-3


  • Bunco –   Su 7-9 Hole in the Wall
  • Darts –  T & TH 3:30 – 5:30 Hang out Room
  • Dominoes –   M & TH 7-10 Gambling Room
  • Euchre –  TH 7 – 9:30 Hang Out Room
  • Hand Foot & Toe – M, Th & S 6:30 – 10  Gambling Room
  • MahJong – M – 10-12:30, W, & Sa 1 – 3:30  Gambling Room
  • Pegs & Jokers –  F  7- 9 Gambling Room
  • Pinochle –  T 7 – 9, TH 1 – 3:30, & Sa 7 – 9  Gambling Room
  • TX Hold-em – Su 4:15 – 7  Gambling Room
  • Poker – Dealers Choice – T & TH 6 – in the Hang Out Room
  • Samba –  W 6:30 – 9:30 and TH 1- 4 in the Gambling Room
  • TX Hold-em Poker TournamentSu 6 – 10 in the Hang out Room


  • Couples Dance – T 10 – 12
  • Line Dance – T & TH 1- 3:30


  • Photography  – Sa 9- 11 Gambling Room
  • Photo Shop –  Sa 1 – 3:30 Gambling Room


  • Aquasize –   M – F 7  – 8 am. At Pool1   (whew that’s early)
  • Lap Swim –  M – F 7 – 9 am at Pool2
  • Water Aerobics –  8 – 9 am M-W-F, followed by
  • Water Exercise from 9 – 10 M, W, TH, F @ Pool1
  • Water Walking –  M – F  9 – 10 am POOL2
  • Water Volley Ball –  1 – 3 M-W-F at POOL2

Did I mention that the RC Track is open  M – W – F  at 1 p.m., the motorcycle group rides on Wednesday, leaving the Ranch House at 10 am.

The Singles Solo Group meets Thursday from 1-2 in the Hang Out Room.

The Vet’s Club meets in the Hang Out on Tuesday from 10 – 11:30.

Join the Jammer’s for their first practice in the Hole in the Wall on F from 9 – 11.

AND last but not least our first COUNTRY STORE WILL BE Friday at the Hole in the Wall from 9 – 12,  and don’t forget breakfast and lunch will be served in the Kitchen COOP.

Now if you didn’t find something here to keep you busy, we have a saying at Sundance, “If you’re bored it’s because you didn’t try hard enough,” so get out there and have fun.

May your week be filled with positive energy and good time, troubles be less, and blessings be more.