Neighborhood Watch

News Blast

Sundance1 RV Resorts

October 13, 2022


Message from your friendly Neighborhood Watch Coordinators, Dave Luhrs, and Tim Jones.

Neighborhood Watch Program Sundance 1, 2, 3 Casa Grande, AZ.

Hello fellow Sundance RV Resort Residents. We want you to know about the Neighborhood Watch Program that we recently re-started in the Resort.  Neighborhood Watch is a Program that involves all our residents and is run by our fellow residents.  It is a program that asks everyone to watch out for their neighbors and residents.

Neighborhood Watch is a “See Something.. Say Something” program.  There are no roving patrols, and no-one SHOULD confront anyone you see in the park for anything, i.e., theft, criminal activity, solicitation, or anything that does not look like it belongs in our park.

We had our first meeting on September 27, 2022, with over 100 residents in attendance.  We will be conducting another Neighborhood Watch meeting on November 15, 2022, followed by a 3rd meeting on January 20th, 2023.   Each meeting will be held after the weekly Round-Up Meetings and will include speakers from the Casa Grande Police Department to explain the program.  At that time, we will introduce our Neighborhood Watch Park coordinators, Tim Jones and Bob Luhrs, along with our 12 Area watch Captains.

SD-1                                                                            SD-2

June O’Donnel – Site #52                                            George Brewton – Site #SD2-41

George & Sue Hickman – Site #682                            Deb Yelton – Site # SD2-71

Leonard Casken – Site # SD2-77

Carolyn Casinger – Site #237

Jenny iller – Site #553

Bruce & Monica Smith – Site #111

Coleen Warden – Site #448

Alice Neuok – Site #439

George Jueckstock – Site #155

Carol Grabowski – Site #423


This program is the Residents’ Program and is not part of the Park Management nor the Casa Grande Police, however, they are here to assist us in providing a Safe, Secure Living Environment.

Respectfully, Tim Jones and Bob Luhrs, Coordinators Sundance Neighborhood Watch.