Choosing the Décor Options for your home allows you to customize.   Here is sample of ways in which you can customize your interior and exterior features.

Home Interiors

Home Exteriors

•Ceiling style

•Interior window treatments

•Lighting fixtures



•Cabinets & hardware

•Back splash tiles

•Counter tops

•Kitchen & bathroom fixtures

•Roof shingles

•Door styles

•Shutters & trim


•Home paint colors

Our Model Center Office has décor boards available to help you make  color and option choices.   Think of your new home as a plain canvas and you are the artist.  You select and color your future home to your desired result from the palette of choices we have to offer.

Your housing consultant will walk you through the process of the home order, taking you through all the details that go into the build of your home.   At this stage through your questions, you will be able to determine what will go into your home as standard features or upgraded features.

For more information about our Décor & other options you can contact us at (520) 876-2698 or fill out our Information Inquiry form for more information.  One of our Housing Consultants will be happy to help you.