A Chilly Tuesday

Time for a heavier jacket to fight off the Fall wind, but that doesn’t cool off the wonderful Spirit of Sundance.

Do join us for Thanksgiving on Thu. Nov. 28. Please remember to bring your table service, including plates, silverware and beverage to dinner. We don’t think you will go away hungry and there may some leftovers to enjoy for later. Sign up in Activities.

Since the weather doesn’t appear to be cooperating for Friday, let’s get the interior Christmas decorating done in the park first. Saturday we will work on the exterior.  Meet 9am Friday in Activities.

2 Old Dudes are open for lunch today 10am- 2pm and then open for a lighter dinner menu 5-6:30pm tonight.  Whether you’re a Bingo player or not, come on over to the Hole in the Wall for tasty eats.

Bingo tonight, Tue. 10/26, with card sales 6-6:45pm. Games starts at 7pm. You must be 18 years old, wear your name badge, and be a Sundance, Fairways resident or registered guest.  See you there!

Today Tai Chi is in the Hangout Room at 8:15am .

1-3pm the Ukulele group meets in Hangout Toom.

Wood carving is 9am-1pm in the Gambling Room.

Hardanger is 1-3pm in Gambling Room.

Don’t forget the Caywood Cotton Farm Tour deadline is fast approaching. $15 per person to attend this event.  Should be very informative and interesting.

Silver Star Tag A-Long sign up is in Activities. The buffet and show is Thu. Jan. 16 2020 at 5:30pm.  $37 per person.

Have a super day!