Wonderful Wednesday Sundance

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we encourage everyone to sign up and join us for a community dinner at 4pm in the Hole in the Wall. Please remember to bring your tableware, including plates, and your beverage and of course your favorite dish to share. You may also want to bring a small container for leftovers that may be available.

Walk Exercise will be held today and tomorrow 9-10am in the Hole in the Wall.  After that the Hole in the Wall will be closed for set up for dinner at 11am.  For those playing Dominos at 7pm, come on over.

Most activities are not held tomorrow due to Thanksgiving and the respected rooms have been reserved by residents.  Activities and the Main Office is closed for the holiday as well.  Make sure if you need quarters or ice to purchase them today.

Our plan is to decorate the interior of Sundance on Friday for Christmas. We will do exterior decorating on Saturday when the sun will be shining.

Bible Study is today 10-11:30am Hangout Room.

Cribbage and Hearts will be played tonight 7-10pm Gambling Room.

Charades will be played at the Hole in the Wall 7pm on Sat. Nov. 30. Bring your teams and let’s have some laughs and fun.

December Smoke Signal should be in your mailbox or online on Sat. Nov. 30. We’re excited about the upcoming month and the events that are planned.

We have had inquiries about what time to leave Sundance to attend the Barleen’s show. Everyone drives a bit different  and traffic may affect travel times too. We recommend that you leave here 10:45-11am so you arrive around 11:45am when the doors open. Feel free to car pool and meet in the parking lot in front of Activities.

Have a wonderful day!

Don’t forget to set your scale back 10 lbs for Thanksgiving.