Verizon & AT&T Challenges

For those of us with Verizon & AT&T cell service or should it say without service, we are taking a stand to make them aware that there is a lack of cell service/reception  in our area.

We have form letters available in Activities that can be signed by you along with your full Sundance address including site,  that can be sent to Senator Krysten Sinema in Washington DC. Your full return address needs to be on the envelope so her staff doesn’t dismiss it as spam mail.

Another avenue for either company is to email the Senator at .

Not sure about  AT&T, but with Verizon you can dial 611 to complain as well.  This will hopefully help with putting us on their complaint map.

Fairways residents, check with your office for the letters so you have the opportunity to express displeasure as well.

If we all send one letter it shows we are very concerned and want this problem addressed.   Thank you for your participation.