March 2017 Smoke Signal

From the Manager’s desk…

Another month has come and gone.  It has been an extremely busy season but I have enjoyed the year very much.  Thanks to the wonderful staff for all their hard work and support; and to all of you for your nice words of welcome that I received from so many of you.

It truly was a great first year.            

Just a couple of things.  

WEEDS – ANNUAL RESIDENTS – Please check your sites and do your part in weed control.  This is the time of year that the weeds are leaping out of the ground.

AED – is now in the laundry room.  First number to call in an emergency – 911; from a park phone – 9911.  Your second number should be the Park Host or a neighbor.  The neighbor can assist you in your emergency or help in getting the AED.  Please talk with your neighbor and exchange phone numbers and make sure you have that number on speed dial.  The Park Host will be happy to assist in directing the ambulance/EMT/Fire Dept to your site.

RESERVATIONS – If you have not done so, please ensure you make a reservation before you leave.  That way you should be guaranteed a site for next year.  Rules on being guaranteed a particular site is in effect.  The Office staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the information needed to make a reservation.

Finally, many of you will be packing up and heading on down the road to your summer home or to your summer adventure. Whatever it is, I wish you a safe journey and hope you all plan on returning next fall/winter.

Just a few reminders for those who are leaving this month:

MAIL:  For those who have received mail, the Post Office needs to have mail labels so any mail that is received can be forwarded on.  Our Post Office will only forward for one month.  Address labels can be made in the Computer Room.

CARETAKER:  All annual residents that leave for the summer must have someone to look after their site.  The office needs to know who that person is.  Please provide the name and phone number of your caretaker before you leave for home.  If we have not been given a caretaker’s name and are unable to contact you for weed control, we will do the work and charge you for the service.

RV RESERVATIONS:  If you are an RVer or you have an annual RV site, stop by the office to reserve for next year.  A $200 deposit is required.

MAILBOX KEY & GATE CLICKER:  Please remember to return your mailbox key and clicker to the office.  Refunds can only be given if the clicker is returned.

Thank you for a Great Season!


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Final Country Store of the season Friday, March 3

The final Country Store of this season will be held on Friday, March 3, from 9 until noon.  More than 40 vendors will offer a wide selection of merchandise for you, your home and your hobbies.

Don’t forget our door prize drawings throughout the morning with prizes donated by our vendors; raffle tickets are free. Come early and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and a donut.  Lunch will be available for purchase from 11 to 12, your choice of chicken Alfredo penne pasta or baked beef ziti with a green salad and garlic roll.  Either entrée is $5.00 and includes either lemonade or iced tea.

This will be an excellent blarney opportunity to purchase those must-have items before you leave to return home.  Plan now to join us as we conclude another successful season of Country Store.

Fritzi Ferguson

Writing Your Life Story  …

 This group meets on Wednesdays at 1:30-3:00 in the Hangout Room.   Come join us.  Write YOUR story for the benefit of later generations.  Your family will love you for doing so.  Janice Parker

Thank You…

I want to thank everyone involved in Jim McGuire’s celebration of life. There were so many people who showed up. My family feels very secure leaving me in this wonderful park with so many good friends

Thank you all, Anita McGuire

Friday Night Sabbath…

Anyone caring to join us for Shabbos on Fridays at 6:30 PM.  Looking forward to hearing from you,  Lenore Smith

Sunday Church with Pastor Scott…

The Sundance 1 RV Resort Church meets each Sunday morning at 8:30 in The Hole In The Wall. Please join us for this nondenominational service with Pastor Scott Bailey. Communion services are held the first Sunday of each month.  If you enjoy singing please join Marcia and the choir at 8:00 am for practice each Sunday morning.



Arizona Group Travel…

Hope this has been a good season at Sundance. Cannot believe March is here already & time for many to leave in March & April.

We will just be getting back from our 4 day- 3 night Las Vegas trip, when you get this newsletter, this is always a fun trip.

MARCH 20-23rd. (Mon-Thurs). We will be going on our 4 day-3 night Rocky Point Mexico trip. As of now we have a full bus going but do still have a waiting list up in case something should come up that someone should not be able to go, we hope not.

We have many people from other parks & Casa Grande that do go with us. The policy is for them to come to Sundance  & sign up on our list with name, phone # & address, as the bus does go from Sundance only, but we have a place for outside people to park & board the bus here for when we return.

Thank you so very, very much to all of you who have traveled with us. We hope you all have safe travels when you leave here & have a good & healthy summer.

Take Care & God Bless to all.  Harold & Terry Beach

Couples Dance Class…

Time goes by fast and March is the last month of our class season.

Tuesday February 28 started a 4 week beginning Country Waltz. Our last Tuesday class will be a review of Two Step & Waltz. Thursdays we will teach Pattern Dancing; however there will not be a class on March 2nd, due to the Volunteer lunch. Both classes are from 10-11:30am in the Hole in the Wall.

Beginners are welcome, but a partner is required. Classes are $1 per couple. It’s been a great year and we are sorry to see it end.

Kent & Sandi Reedy—Fairways

Greeting Card Sale  March 4,  Hole in the Wall, 9-2pm

If you have never been to our Card Sale you need to stop by and check out the great buys on Greeting Cards, Wrapping items, bags, etc. at Extreme Discounts!   Buy your stock for the year !

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From the Mail Room…

Time is flying by for those of us leaving for the summer. Before you leave:

  1. If you want mail forwarded please leave labels at the office. (These can be purchased thru the Computer Lab)
  2. When you are ready to return next season, allow 10 days to 2 weeks for your mail to reach the park.
  3. Forwarding forms should be filled out as follows:

New Address: 1703 N. Thornton Rd then your site number

DO NOT USE Apt, Space, Lot or the # sign ……Only the 3 digit site number after Rd.

This has been the very worst year for incorrect or no site numbers at all.  Please use site numbers on all mail and packages.

Thank you  Betty Radke


Springtime in Casa Grande brings the stately saguaros holding fistfuls of blossoms in every hand and on their heads, reminding me of hula dancers bedecked with flowers leis and beautiful head wreaths. The golden and pink sunsets echo those at Waikiki. I sit and close my eyes and imagine the intense turquoise waters and the beaches covered with brightly-colored beach towels and bodies in various hues hoping to attract the sun’s tanning rays. I remember the delights of all the senses… the lovely fragrance of plumeria blossoms that fill the air, the instant softening of the skin when one arrives, the bright colors of tropical plants, the sounds of the surf and the waterfalls, the sweet taste of fresh pineapple juice..and, of course, the beautiful Hawaiian music and the dancers swaying to the melodies in the light of tiki torches and drums beating out ancient rhythms….Here on Sundance Island the hula class will transport you to the enchantment of those islands, as we take the stage at the Sundance Variety Show on March 9th. Come, experience the Aloha Spirit with us!

Hula classes will continue through March on Wednesday afternoons in the HW from 1-2 PM EXCEPT for March 1 when the time will be 3-4 PM. Come join us and experience the Aloha of Hawaii! Mahalo!

Priscella Morrow *ALOHA*

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From Sues Desk…

The season may be winding down, but not the Activities Office. We continue to have dances, shows and a tag-a-long for you. We want to wish all of you returning to your summer home a safe trip and a healthy summer. Check out our April issue of the Smoke Signal on line to see what’s in store for you next season.

March 1– Our annual Artisan’s Show is from Noon to 2pm in the Hole in the Wall. Our talented residents will be proudly displaying what they’ve accomplished this season.  Come and Check us out!

March 1 –Bernie & Red will be here to entertain us with song & humor. This popular show will be in the Hole in the Wall at 7pm. You don’t want to miss this one!!

The first annual remaining states potluck is scheduled for Friday, March 3 from 4-6pm.  The sign up sheet is in the Activities Office. If your state hasn’t been included in the other potlucks, feel free to join us and bring a dish to share and your place service.

We’ll be showing off our talent at our Annual Variety Show Thursday, March 9 at 7pm in the Hole in the Wall. Admission is $2 at the door.  Refreshments will be served.

The final Patio sale of the season is Saturday, March 4 from 8am to Noon. Balloons are available in the Activities Office to designate your site.

Help save a life! United Blood Services Bloodmobile will be here Friday, March 10 from 8am till noon.  The sign up sheet is located in the Activities Office.

For those who have prepaid, the tag-a-long to AZ Opry is March 11 for the 5:30 dinner and 7pm show.  We’ll be leaving at 4pm from in front of Activities

On Sunday, March 12, there will be an Ice Cream Social Fundraiser at 2pm to help with our float for next December’s Casa Grande Electric Light Parade.  Banana Splits will be available for a mere $4 each. Please help us earn another award!!

Like Country Music? Then you’ll certainly enjoy the 7pm DeLon Country Music Show on Wednesday, March 15 in the Hole in the Wall. $8 tickets are available in the Activities Office.

Let’s have fun with karaoke!! We’ll be at the pool patio on March 29 at 5pm for a park happy hour. Be sure to bring your beverage of choice and join us. Remember – no glass containers.

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day –    enjoy a feast at 5pm in the Hall. Everyone is welcome to join us – the more the merrier.  Tickets available for the meal in the Activities Office.

March Dances

March 4 – Saguaro Sunset -$8

March 18 – Campbell Brothers – $8

March 25 – DJ Dick Anderson – $3 at the door

All dances are held in the Hole in the Wall from 7-10pm. Ice is complimentary and soda & water are available for purchase.

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Upcoming Events …  Mark your favorite events so you don’t miss out!!!

April 3 – Barro’s Tag-a-Long

April 7 – 6:30 Movie

April 10 – 4pm Happy Hour Yard Games

April 12 – Neighborhood Progressive Dinner (Details to follow)

Wisconsin Pot Luck…

Wednesday March 8 at 4:45-6pm in the Hole in the Wall. You can sign up in Activities. For questions contact Cheryl & Brad Low or Mark & Barb Hesselink .

Computer Club it’s not just for Geek’s …

 We are not hiding, just in a hard to place to find, on the back side of the building, behind the library. If you have a computer problem or question come visit us. We have 9 computers, 3 printers, free WIFI, and places to plug your laptop in and connect to the world. One of our printers is wireless so you can print from your tablet. We also make business cards, and mailing labels, and can make copies for you.

We will have classes available the first part of March. Also if you have interest in other classes let us know what kind you would like, there is a sheet in activities to tell us.  Otherwise come visit us and connect to the world, check your email, print your tickets, or do your banking. Come and see our newest computer it is 4”x4”x1” it has a solid state drive, uses almost no power, and it is mounted on the back of a monitor.   Terry Johnson

Community Service Opportunity…

 The Casa Grande Lions Club is a very active group who serve this community through a wide variety of service projects.  Lion members and non-member Winter Visitors who would like to assist the local Club are welcome and appreciated.  Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, 6pm ,at the American Legion Post 8, 713 N. Park Ave, Casa Grande, AZ

For more information Contact:

Jim Bradfield or Cheryl Seat

Attention Everyone

Many of our residents are Scent Sensitive and the wearing of perfumes, colognes, etc. can irritate and aggravate Allergies, Asthma, headaches, etc. Please be kind and refrain from wearing fragrances while in the common areas of the Resort. Thank you

Monday Night Jammers…

Please Join us on Mondays @ 6:30pm in the Hole in the Wall. All levels of talent are welcome.


Wow oh wow, crowds up to 131 now, never have we seen them so large.  It is wonderful news.  We are  seeing individual games around $60-65 each and our game specials are split now to 3 games on one paper paying out $80-90 for part 1, $110-125 for part 2, and of course the final payout is $150.  Come join the fun!

Our new bingo coordinator is Linda Starr and she has begun learning the ropes doing very well.  Please welcome her if you haven’t done so already.  I believe most of our staff is planning on returning next year to help her out, if you are interested in working the sales desk or becoming a caller, please see me or Linda for our early sign up sheet.  She will need to work on a schedule for next year, if you don’t get to come back when anticipated, please let her know toward the end of the summer so she can fill your spot.  I know we do need callers.

Look forward to seeing you thru April 4th our last Bingo of the season.

Karen Deen , Bingo Coordinator

Line Dancing…

Can you believe that it’s March already? Where has the season gone?We only have one more month to dance. Our last class is March 30th.

Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. You’ve all been successful in your personal achievements. Thank you for all your support and participation.  Have a fun and safe summer.

I look forward to dancing with you in the fall.

Mickie Westrick


MONDAY to FRIDAY AT 9AM (may be subject to delays)

ALL ARE WELCOME .  PLEASE JOIN US                             Kathy McBride

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Art and Zentangle  Inspired Art…

We have had a great time creating this past month with our art projects.   We create in oils, acrylics, and water color paints.  This past month some of the painters created individual  pictures centered around  a group theme of a turtle  swimming in the sea.  Artists also create  pictures/designs utilizing drawing tools. Zentangle inspired art encompasses  making tangles/doodles on paper.  Zentanglers are willing to show how easy this art form really is.  We meet on Thursdays from 9:30-3:30 in the Hang Out Room.  Anyone is welcome to join us or come to see what we are all about.  We are looking forward to showing our creations at the Artisan’s show on March 1st.

The Gate… 

I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has dedicated their time to volunteer with the gate over the past years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you and will greatly miss my daily interactions with you and the rest of the park. Working at the gate has been fun and rewarding for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a way to be involved in Sundance 1. If you would like to sign up to volunteer, please sign up at the Activity office.  Laurie Biberdorf

Dessert Theatre…

Thank you to everyone that attended our production this year. We hope you enjoyed the play.   Wanda Johnson

Please remember to wear your name badges when attending park activities and events or while in the office complex. Thank you!


I hope many of you had the opportunity to tour the Pinal County Veterans Outreach unit “Eagle One” when it was on display at Fairways and Sundance on the 13th of February. “Eagle One” does a wonderful job going out to areas that don’t have the availability of resources for Veterans in need.

Our next meeting will be on the 13th of March at Sundance 1 Hangout Room, 10am. Our guest speaker “Debbie from the “Dogs & Vets” will visit us and have a presentation about the American Service Animal Society. I encourage group members to attend because this is a wonderful program that provides Service Dogs for Veterans. The Veterans group intends to present a donation to help with their program during the meeting.

After the meeting on the 13th, due to personal reasons, I will be stepping down as the Commander of the Group. I have asked that someone step forward and assume the duties so the Veterans group can continue to function.  Anyone interested , please let me know.

In closing, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as the Commander and wish the group all the best as we move on.

Chris Knapton  Veterans Group Commander

No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver and purple.

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Pickle ball…

 Our season is going great! Every Monday morning at 9.00am we have a class to teach newcomers the game, and we follow up these lessons with mentoring sessions at 11.00am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Four of our players entered a tournament at Mission Royale. Our two ladies, Cindy Litke and Joanne Frost won the bronze and our two men, Garnett Fry and Tim Frost won the gold. Well done Sundance!

We had a great event under the lights on Friday, all the courts were full and a large group showed up to cheer the players on.

Anyone wanting information about pickleball can contact Alan.

Sundance Quilters…

This has been a wonderful season for the quilters and sewers of Sundance1!   We have gone on two shop hops: one to Phoenix and one to Tucson. We had loads of fun, found wonderful treasures to add to our stashes of fabric, and shared lunch and friendship with one another.

We also had 2 evenings of “Quilt Til You Wilt” where we kept the sewing room open from 4 pm until 10 pm, and had some wonderful pot luck meals to keep us strong for the evening. Also we have been busy with charity sewing and getting ready for the quilt show on February 25.

We will have an end of season party on March 1 where we will be awarding prizes for the quilt show winners. Sundance1 quilters and Fairways quilters always have a good time together and share in the quilt show. The Fairways quilters are sponsoring a luncheon for the Sundance Quilters in the beginning of March with games and show and tell.

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful season (although we still have plenty of season left we will kind of wind down to just fun sewing after the quilt show is over) !!!   Debbie Lewis


The weather has warmed up ,and so is the turnout at the pits ,new faces ,men and women ,the regulars and fun to see some of the alumni come to say hi, even though they are not able to play, a sad note is the Canada folks that are leavening because of health and /or expensive to stay ! As you read this the next horseshoe potluck was held on February 26 ,always a good time to get together to share good food and friends, some of you will be leaving in March have a safe trip and bring back some more horseshoe pitcher, if new folks want to join us we play Mon, Wed, Fri 9:15-11:00,we use a handicap so makes it fun .

For more info see Don

The Town Council…

The Sundance Town Council held its monthly meeting on 8-Febuary. Alice Neuok, Chairperson, called the meeting to order with all members present. Judy Dickson, Park Manager, and John Thalman, Staff Coordinator, also attended.

Major topics discussed were:

¨ New foldable bench design will be installed in all showers.

¨ Water Machine issues have been minimized with new                   phone contact number.

¨ New streets signage will be corrected on the new maps.

¨ Free Wi-Fi available in the Quiet Room 24/7.

¨ Jewelry vendor parking is still an issue.

¨ Cleaning issues in the Gambling Room addressed.

¨ New WELCOME INFORMATION BOOKLET expected beginning next Season.

¨ Possibility of an on-site ATM is being researched.

¨ A new motion detector light has been installed by the Laundry Room.

¨ Red Box on site not feasible due to insufficient volume requirements.

¨ Plastic recycling bins need to be picked up per contract Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

¨ One AED is currently sufficient for Park size.

¨ Large bushes at a number of intersections create dangerous driving conditions.

¨ Shower mats have proven impossible for the Park to maintain. Bring your own mat to solve problem.

¨ UPS Truck speeding has improved since contacting corporate. Now Food Truck speeding will be addressed.

¨ Drainage at Gaby and Ritter needs improvement. Alternatives discussed.

Annual Town Council Elections will be held 6-Mar. from 9:30 am till Noon in Hole in the Wall.

If you desire the details on the above topics a complete set of Meeting Minutes is available in the Activities Office. If you have any suggestions/concerns that you think might make Sundance an even better place to live please speak with one of the Town Council members and or fill out a Comment Form found in the Activities Office. Place the completed and signed Form in the Utility Drop box across the hall from the Sundance Mail Room door.

Cactus Needles…

This group of creative, caring women meet weekly to make handmade items for local charities.  It’s just a side benefit that we laugh at our daily lives, the stories we share and the ones we read about. We don’t discuss world events but we do solve complex, intricate, eye-popping worldly issues.  Just don’t ask us about the toilet handle story …

We meet on Mondays from 10-noon in the hang out room unless otherwise posted in Friday

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Pool Room…

We are 2/3rds of our way thru this season and still getting great turnouts for our Monday and Thursday Park Tournaments.  On the 23rd we had our largest turnout with 26 player. Our Tri  park tournaments have been very successful and our schedule for this coming month here will be on March 16th. The 25th of January was our local Senior Olympics Billiard Tournament held in Tucson.

Sundance RV Park was well represented. Two of our competitors brought back the Silver Medal.  Harvey Olender and Bob Christie brought back their medals in their age bracket.

These are the results for January & February .

Jan 23rd 2017 1/15 -1st Bob Christie /2nd Darrell Tritt/ 3rd Ron Beechley/ 4th Jim Eaton

Jan 26th 2017 8ball -1st Cal Aumuller /2nd 3way tie Darrell Tritt,  Bud Drake & Dave Rowan/ 4th Larry Tobin

Jan 30th 2017 1/15 – 1st Cal Aumuller /2nd Dave Van Patten /3rd Darrell Tritt /4th Rob Milder

Feb 2nd 2017   8 Ball -1st Darrell Tritt /Tied for 2nd – Allan Strawn ,Larry Tobin, Bud Drake, Chuck James /4th – Dave Rowan

Feb 6th 2017  1-15 – 1st Darrell Tritt /Tied for 2nd  Allan Strawn & Larry Tobin /Tied for 3rd – Chuck James & Bud Drake 4th – Dave Rowan

Feb. 7th 1st Annual Sundance RV 8 ball Lunch Tournament

1st – Rob Milder /2nd -Darrell Tritt /3rd – Bob Christie /4th -Cal Aumuller

We would like to thank Darrell for supplying the custom Venison Sausage and Salami.

Feb. 9th 2017 8 Ball -1st Bud Drake/2nd Darrell Tritt /3rd Rob Milder 4th Lyle Morlock

Feb. 13th 1-15  Tied for 1st- Darrell Tritt & CJ Schelling /2nd Steve Eaton      Tied for 3rd Allan Strawn, Rob Milder, Bud DrakTied for 4th – Jim Eaton, Chris E.      Feb. 16th 8 Ball 1st – Darrell Tritt 2nd – Lyle Morlock   3rd – Rob Milder Tied for 4th Tony Lau, CJ Schelling


Day Bus:  March 6th and 27th

 There is no cost to ride the bus.  All riders receive a $10 free slot play on their Player’s card.  The bus will take you to either Wild Horse or Lone Butte Casino.  Bingo players must go to Lone Butte.  Slots can be played at either casino.  Mondays are Wild Horse Casino’s Senior Day, so if you go there you can get a $5 food coupon  at their Players Club, in addition to the $10 free slot play.

The bus run originates at Sundance 1 RV Resort.  Please bring a picture ID and your Player’s card.  The Day Bus leaves the Activity Office at 10:00 a.m., pickup at Fairways will be a few minutes later.  The bus will get back at approx. 4:30 pm

A sign-up sheet will be available in the Sundance1 RV Resort Activity Office.  For more information, please contact Dianne Felker