Friday Flyer 3-30-18



Hungry?  The final breakfast is tomorrow, Sat, March 31, at 8:30am and it consists of biscuits and gravy or pancakes with all the extras for $5.50.  The tickets are available in the Activity Office.

We invite our Sundance family to our Easter Potluck on April 1, 2018 at 4pm.  The park is supplying the ham.  Just bring your own table service and beverage of choice. Please sign up for a table in the Activities Office indicating what dish to share you’ll bring. Doors will open at 3:15pm.

Because the air conditioning will be turned off in the Hole in the Wall on Tuesday, April 10…

The Walk Away the Pounds activity will relocate to the Hang Out Room at 9am through April 13.

Dominos will relocate to the Hang Out Room on Thursday, 4-12.

Senior Stretch will relocate to the Hang Out Room on Wed., 4-11

If your club or group is interested in earning a little extra money next season, please consider being in charge of collecting the soda cans and turning them in for a profit.  Just let the Activities Office know.

Ceramics…Thank you to everyone who participated in using the Ceramic Workshop this year.  The shop will be closing April 11, so please come in and pick up your projects before then.  We do not have the room to store them for you.  Have safe travels this summer and we will see you in the fall.

Lynn Olson

Stained Glass…It is time again to say good bye to our monitors who are now heading home or to a new destination.  The stained glass shop will be closing on April 10th.  Now we are on limited hours.  Keep checking with the shop if you have a project to finish.  Thank you one and all who got to use our shop.  I think a lot of people learned a new craft that they thought they could not do.  Participation was great.

Thanks again,

Silvia Free #363

Notes of Interest…

Bingo will continue through Tues, 4-3-18.

Senior Stretch will continue through Monday, 4-9 in the Hole in the Wall.  Effective 4-11, the class will begin in the Hang Out Room.

The lost and found items will be disposed of on April 14.  Be sure to check in the Activities Office if you’re missing anything.

Safety issue –To avoid persons slipping on wet floors, please DO NOT WEAR YOUR WET BATHING SUITS into the office complex rooms including the laundry room.  Thank you.

April Calendar of Events…

All daily activities will continue through April 14 unless otherwise announced.  The summer calendar of activities is available in the Activities Office or in your individual mail boxes.

April 1 – Church – 8:30am

Easter Potluck at 4pm – doors open at 3:15pm

April 7 – Park Wide Pot Luck – 4pm

April 12 –  Barro’s Pizza Tag-a-Long – 4pm

April 14 – Activity Office Closes

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