Friday Flyer 3-29-19

So long March and Hello April!  It has been a very busy season with lots of dances, activities, shows and events.  We wish safe travels to those who are returning to their summer homes.  Thanks for sharing your winter with us and participating in order to make this season a success.  See you in the fall!

There will be another Free Friday Nite Movie tonight, March 29 at 7pm in the Hole in the Wall.  The featured film will be the drama “Green Book” rated PG13.  Bouncer Tony Lip is hired by African-American musician Don Shirley to chauffer him around the Jim Crow South in 1962 for an eight-week concert tour.  The mismatched pair form an unlikely friendship.


 The Good Sam Rally will be here the first week in April from the 2nd through the 6thThe rooms they will be using are the Hole in the Wall and the Gambling Room.

All Sundance Activities in the Gambling Room will now take place in the Hang Out Room.  Please check with Activities to arrange hours for your group.

The Pool Room will also be unavailable to residents on Thursday, April 4 at noon for their tournament.

The Rally group will be having a hot dog fund raiser, a quilt raffle and vendors – all of which are open to Sundance residents.  Stay tuned for dates and times.

The Sundance 1 RV Resort Church meets each Sunday morning at 8:30 in the Hole in the Wall.  Our final service for this season is Sunday, April 7.  Please join us for this nondenominational service with Pastor Scott Bailey.


Lenore & Gerald Smith, site 630, invite anyone interested to join us Friday nights @ 6:30pm to celebrate the Sabbath.  Looking forward to seeing you.

Koffee Klatch – The final koffee klatch of this season is Monday, April 1, 2019 at 8:30 in the Hole in the Wall.

Friday Flyer – This issue is the final Friday Flyer of this season.

Ice – The park does not sell ice during the summer months. Be sure to get your ice before Friday, April 12.

Quarters – Effective 4-15-19, quarters will be available from the registration office.


The Activities Office has planned a fun, final week of this season.  Everyone is invited to join in these festivities.

Monday, April 8

4-6pm – All park Happy Hour at the Patio with yard games. Just bring munchies and your beverage of choice (no glass please).

Tuesday, April 9

   From sunup till 2pm – Easter Egg Hunt – Plastic eggs will be scattered throughout Sundance 1 and 2.  These eggs will have notes in them.  If you’re a winner, you need to bring your egg to the Activities office to receive your prize before 2pm.

7pm – We’re going to do the “Sundance” version of an outdoor movie.  We’ll be showing “A Dog’s Way Home” on an outdoor screen at the pool patio.  Bring a comfy chair and join your neighbors for a free, evening outside.

Wednesday, April 10

   Tag-a-long to the Hale Theater in Gilbert to see “Big River” for the 7pm performance.

Thursday, April 11

   11:00am – 2:00pm – Water Volleyball Tournament at the #2 Pool.  Prizes will be awarded,

Friday, April 12

4pm – Tag-a-long to Barro’s Pizza

A huge thank you to our Book Club!  They donated 61 children’s books to HeadStart.  Our book club members will also take the time to read to these children.  What a wonderful, generous, and thoughtful gesture!

For those of you heading out for the summer – The Activity Office is collecting non-perishable food items to be taken to the Casa Grande Food Pantry.  You can drop them off in our office.  Please – no open or perishable  items can be accepted.  We took 89 items to them last week – keep them coming!!

Change – The Activities Office hours are 9am to 3pm effective April 1.

 Wanted – If you have any used golf balls and tees, please turn them in to the Activities Office.  These will be used for crafts for kids at summer camp.  Thank you!

Bingo News – Due to our AZ licensing regulations, we have reached our maximum of prize money allowed during one season.  We need to cancel Bingo for the remainder of this season.  We will have Bingo again in the fall.  Thank you for understanding.

We want to thank everyone who donated aluminum cans to our site.  With your help, we have given $100 to the Sundance/Fairways Veteran’s Group. Monday morning will be the last day.  April 1 we will take cans but we will do it again next season.

Thanks again, Paul and Sally Brown

Reminders: – Even though folks are leaving the park and sites are becoming empty, please do not cut through sites especially the pull throughs!  The pavement arrows in the office complex are to be followed.  Thank you.


Appreciation Letter

I want to take this time to thank all of you for your friendship and helpfulness during the last 6 years.

I started here unfamiliar with everything and everyone and was quickly accepted and made to feel welcome.  I have had fun!!  I sincerely hope that the fun I have had has spread throughout the park.  Any job is not a job if you enjoy it.

There have been many changes in the last 6 years – a fantastic quilt room and card room – a modern exercise room – a renovated pool room – new curtains for the hall – Sundance 2 – pickleball expansion – the RC track and stands – and a second pool!!  Not to mention staff changes galore! I do not want to forget the Western Days games and Friday Flyers as well!

I could not have managed this department without exceptional staff.  We have all been a team and I love all of you. 

I am confident that Deb Yelton will be a great Activity Director.  Best wishes, Deb, for a successful upcoming season.

Thank you again for the humbling going away party you gave me.  Your very generous gifts will definitely be used to spruce up my new home in town.  I’m not going to say good-bye; let’s just say “so long” as I’ll be back – you’re not getting rid of me that easily.


Sue Valentine

Giggle for the day…When is the best time to go to the dentist? Two-Thirty.