Friday Flyer 12-29-17



The line dancing, couples dancing and pattern dancing classes will resume the week of Jan 1, 2018 at their usual time.

Let’s enjoy an afternoon from 4-7pm at the Luau with dinner, musical entertainment & virgin mai tais.  The $13.50 tickets are available in Activities.  It will be held at the pool patio (or Hole in the Wall if the weather is inclement).

Activities Galore in 2018!!

Let’s hit the new year with a running start…

Jan 3 – Hula classes begin from 1-2pm in the Hole in the Wall

Jan 5 – Country Store – 9-noon in the Hole in the Wall

Jan 6 – Luau Party from 4-7 at the pool patio

Jan 8 – Tomar Pain Clinic speaker at the 8:30 Koffee Klatch

Jan 10 – IL/IN Potluck from 3:30-7p in the Hole in the Wall

Jan 12 – Fashion Show & Luncheon 11:30 in the Hole in the Wall

Jan 13 – Welcome Back – 1-2pm in the Hole in the Wall

Jan 13 – Jack Jackson Show from 7-9pm in the Hole in the Wall

Please stop in to the Activities Office to answer your questions, purchase tickets, volunteer, and sign up for classes!!

What is Welcome Back??  On Saturday, Jan 13, most of our park activities, sports, games, etc., will have representatives available to talk to in the Hole in the Wall from 1-2pm.  We’re here to encourage you to become involved and learn about all the things to do here at Sundance 1 RV Resort.  This park is your winter home and we are your winter family and all our activities are available for you.  Refreshments will be served!!

Remember when Jack Jackson performed for us at the Hands Across the Border?  Well, we’ve invited him back!  He’s coming from his Canadian home so please Join us on Saturday, Jan 13 for his 7pm show in the Hole in the Wall.  Tickets are only $10 available in the Activities Office.


1)When walking at night or early morning, wear LIGHT colored clothing.

2)Golf carts and/or bicycles must have lights when used at night or early morning.

3)Please drive on the right side of the road.

4)ATV/off road vehicles are only to be driven from your site to out of the park.  Please!! Do not use 4 wheelers to drive within the park.

2018 is almost here!!  Ring in the New Year in the Hole in the Wall on Sunday, Dec 31 from 6-10 while we celebrate with the east coast and watch the ball drop on the big screen.  Tickets are available in the Activities Office for $15 each.

The Activity Office-  We have tickets and signup sheets available for the following:

Dec 30 – Breakfast – $5

Dec 31 – NYE party – $15

Jan 2 – Indian Taco lunch – $6

Jan 6 – Luau – dinner & entertainment – $13.50

Jan 11 – Organ Stop – sign up only

Jan 23 – Tag-a-long to Hale Theatre – $24 per person

Tickets for the following January events will go on sale Monday, Jan 1, 2018:

Jan 12, – Fashion Show Luncheon –$6.50

Jan 13 – Jack Jackson Show – $10

Computer Club news….  The January meeting has been postponed until Wednesday, Jan 10 from 9-10am in the Hang Out Room.

Whoever donated a computer to the computer lab:  Please check to see if you have the power cord and transformer.  We thank you very much for your donation.

Congratulations to our Best Decorated Winners!

          Park Models                                              RV’s

1 – #178 – Traphagan                          1 – #591 – Trace

2 – #114 – Larsen                                 2 – #495 – Beck

3 – #366 – Skinner                                3 – #494 – Barber

3 – #307 – Elkins


Non-Fiction Book Group Meets Tuesday, Jan 2 in the Hangout Room at 1pm  We’ll be discussing Chapters 1 and 3 in Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt.  Past discussions have been fun, so hope you’ll join us.  Mark your calendars.,,The Fiction Book Group will discuss Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie on Tuesday, Jan 16 at 9:30am also in the Hangout Room.  We plan to also see the movie and compare the two!


To Activity Heads – Please let activities know how many tables you’ll need for the Welcome Back event on Jan 13.

There are 6 tickets remaining for the Jan 23 Tag-a-long to the Hale Theater.  Be sure to get yours soon.

Another new group has been formed.  Everyone is welcome to join the Rosary Group each Saturday in the Quiet Room at 9:30 am.  As of today, the meeting dates are tomorrow, Dec 30, Jan 6, 2018 and Jan 13, 2018.

Sky Med will be here on Tuesday, Jan 9 from 4-pm in the Gamblin’ Room.  A meal will be provided while we learn about all they have to offer.  Please sign up in the Activities Office.

The Winter Schedule is Posted in Activities for our Pickleball Courts.  Paddles are available for your use.  Just check them out from the Activities Office.

The Winter Softball Schedule is available and posted in the Activity Office.  Be sure to check the Friday Flyers for the current weeks’ softball games dates, times & location.  Next weeks’ games are:

Thursday, Jan 4 at 11:30am & 2pm at Palm Creek

Non Alcoholic New Years’ Eve Party

On Sunday, Dec 31, please join us in the Hang Out Room at 7:00pm for fun, games, & food!  Just bring the non-alcoholic drink of your choice, snacks to share and any games you would like to play.  We’ll have on a big pot of coffee!!

Resident News:

Long time Sundance 1 resident, Glen Hackworth passed away last week in Michigan.

Nancy Stevens is currently in the Oasis Facility.

Darlene Rogers is currently in the CG Banner Hospital.

There are too many to name who have succumbed to the Sundance “bug”.  We hope all are on the mend and will be up and about soon!

To all our Sundance family

My heartfelt thanks for all your good wishes.  I am so sorry we are not able to be with you this season, but the treatment I am on for life, ties me to our hospital 1 week out of every month.  Good news is – I am responding well to the chemo and feel fine at the moment till I look outside and see all that white stuff falling.

Miss you all, Lynn Stehle

A Note of Apology from the Activity Office….

It appears many of our guests did not enjoy the gift exchange on Christmas Eve.  Based on the comments I’ve received, we will discontinue the dice game.  Another alternative has not been determined regarding gifts; however, we will continue our chili dinner gathering.

Thank you for understanding.

Sue Valentine, Activity Director

Come enjoy lunch while your neighbors and friends model the latest women’s fashions supplied by New Image Fashions. On Friday, Jan 12, at Noon we’ll offer door prizes, fun and friendship.  Tickets available in the Activities Office.

Mark your calendar!  The discount card sale will be held on Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 9am to 2pm in the Gamblin’ Room.  Make a list and get all the cards you need!

The Casino Night is coming quickly – Jan 26!!  We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate the games.  Please stop by the Activity Office and step up to the plate!!