Beautiful Sunrise Tuesday Sundance !

Today in Hang Out room 8:15am Tai Chi.

NonFiction Book Club meets 1-2:20pm in Hang Out room.

2 Old Dudes are open from lunch 11am-2pm Hole in the Wall.  Join them for dinner 5-6:30pm before Bingo, even if you’re not playing. Lighter menu is available.

Bingo card sales 6-6:45pm at the Hole in the Wall. Open to Sundance, Fairways, and registered guests only. Must wear your name tag and be 18 y/o. Please pay with smaller currency.

Gambling Room today will have Mah Jong & Wood Carving 9am-12pm.

Scrabble is played today in Gambling Room1-3pm.

Reminder, we are a scent free park and we ask that perfume or cologne not be worn while you stay with us.

You can drop off your aluminum cans at Site 171. Kindly crush them before leaving them in the black can. Proceeds are donated to the Sundance & Fairways Vets.

Angel Tree gifts need to be dropped off to Activities by Friday, Dec. 6. Thank you for the great response to this worthy event.

Wed. 12/4 Barleen’s Tag A-Long leaves the park 10:45-11am. Meet in the front parking lot.

9-10am the Computer Club meets in the Hang Out room

Bible Study will follow at 10:15-11:30am

Weight Watchers Info and Enrollment meeting will be in the Gambling Room  7:30-8:30am Wed. 12/4.  We haven’t met our goal of 20 participants to have meetings here at the Park. Everyone is invited to learn more about the Program.

Pickleball meeting is 4-6pm in the Gambling Room on Wed.

Get your tickets for New Years Eve, 2 Old Dudes Breakfast & Dinner meals in Activities.

Parkwide Patio Sales will be held 8am-12pm Sat. Dec. 14.

Hearing Life will be conducting hearing tests in the Park Sat. Dec. 14, 9am-1pm in the Hang Out Room. Sign up in Activities.


“May you always do what you’re afraid to do.”