April 2017 Smoke Signal

From the Manager’s desk…

This is the last Smoke Signal for the year.  What a great first year for me.  I want to Thank all the wonderful guests for a great and busy season.  Thank you to the Activity Office.  They provided a jam-packed and fun-filled season.  Thank you to the Kitchen Staff.  For their first season, they did a first-rate job with all the meals that they prepared and served.  And finally, Thank You to the entire staff.  Without them, the park would not look as nice as it does, operate as efficiently as it does, and your stay here would not have been as enjoyable.  They all did a superb job in keeping everything running smoothly.

2017-18 Price Sheet is available in the office.

Annual Residents (includes RV Annuals): Leave the name of your caretaker with the office along with you mailing labels. Put a set of keys in an envelope and leave them in your mail box. Let the office know your departure date.

RV Annuals:  If you have not done so, please reserve your site for next year.  Otherwise, the site may be reserved by someone else.

Monthly Reservations:  If you rented a clicker, don’t forget to return it to the office for your refund.  Turn in your mailbox key, and mailing labels if you want your mail forwarded.  If you have not done so and wish to return next season, which we hope you all plan on returning, stop by the office to make your reservation.

Caretakers: Provide a list of your customers to the office.

Wherever your summer plans take you, I wish you safe travels and a spectacular summer.

Hope to see you all in the Fall.

Judy Dickson

Park Manager

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 Sundance 1 Genealogy Group is finishing up the meetings at the end of this month.  Lynn and I want to thank each and everyone of you who attended.  This year we had the general meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month and on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month we had the beginners genealogy.  We also had several speakers this year which added to the information that we could give to you.  Do hope you enjoyed the meetings as much as we did.  Would also like to give a special thanks for the seasoned researchers who attended the beginners meetings to help the individuals in their searching. We could not have done as much for the beginners without your help. We probably will continue with this format in order to be able to give the beginners individual help.  We are also considering doing more programs using the computer and projector as that seems to work well. If you have any suggestions for programs next year, feel free to contact us.

I know we are losing some of our members due to them selling their homes and returning to their home base.  Unfortunately at our age that is what happens.  Those that are leaving us will be missed.  Continue doing your researching from your home base and you always have my email address if you have questions. I may not be able to answer all your questions but I will try.

We will start the genealogy meetings in November so looking forward to seeing some of you at that time.  Enjoy your summer and hope you get a chance to research and go tombstone kicking this summer.  Travel safe and see you next season. Lynn Olson & Jeanette Keyes


Sunday Church with Pastor Scott…

The Sundance 1 RV Resort Church will have its final Sunday morning April 2 at 8:30 in The Hole In The Wall.

Please join us for this nondenominational service with Pastor Scott Bailey. Communion services are held the first Sunday of each month.

If you enjoy singing please join Marcia and the choir at 8:00 am for practice each Sunday morning.



Les & Judy Pierce

Painters and Zentanglers…

We have had a great season where we created a variety of pieces and attempted new challenges.  We learned new techniques and expanded our horizons.  We are in the process of painting a mural for the Cancer Support Center in Casa Grande.  We connected with friends and made new friends.  Most of all we had fun!  See you next season.

Nancy Bagley and Cheri O’Brien

Now that the weather is getting warmera reminder:

The park requires everyone to wear shirts, shorts, etc. unless you are in the pool area.   Also, Wet Swimsuits are not allowed anywhere other than the Shower Restrooms and cover-ups are required when not around the pool area.


 Well another year come and gone and to where?   I want to say thank you to all of our players, workers, callers and all other volunteer help.  You have made Bingo and increasingly fun thing to do on Tuesday evenings.   We attain higher and higher attendees over these past 5 years that I have coordinated Bingo, and it has been because of all of you, again THANK YOU.

This is my last newsletter as your Bingo Coordinator and will handing the rein over to Linda Starr beginning next year.  If you are interested at all in anyway from table set up (usually begins in Jan – Mar) to working the front desk to caller to anything you might like to do, please see Linda and sign up on our list.  Anyone who has already signed up again I thank you.

It has been a pleasure working for you, will see you late Dec – Mar if the creek don’t rise to high!  Have a great summer to everyone and please stay safe and healthy.

Signing off,

Karen Deen

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From the Mail Room…

Time is flying by for those of us leaving for the summer. Before you leave:

  1. If you want mail forwarded please leave labels at the office. (These can be purchased thru the Computer Lab)
  2. When you are ready to return next season, allow 10 days to 2 weeks for your mail to reach the park.
  3. Forwarding forms should be filled out as follows:

New Address: 1703 N. Thornton Rd then your site number

DO NOT USE Apt, Space, Lot or the # sign ……Only the 3 digit site number after Rd.

This has been the very worst year for incorrect or no site numbers at all.  Please use site numbers on all mail and packages.

Thank you , Betty Radke


 We have come to the end of another great and wonderful season which allowed us to support several Veteran organizations in the Casa Grande area.

The following are the organizations we supported this season:

¨ Casa Grande Vets Center – $500

¨ Toys for Tots – $300.00

¨ Congressman Tom O’Halleran – $300 in gift cards

¨ Casa Grande Vets Center – $300 in gift cards

¨ Dogs for Vets – $500

Total Contributions $1900

I want to thank everyone that contributed or helped in this effort, because without you the Vets Group wouldn’t be able to assist Veterans in need. On top of these contributions we also had a very successful “Food Drive” for the Vets Center in town. As you get ready to head north for the summer and are cleaning out your cabinets we will be accepting can goods in the activity office for the Vets Center pantry. Again thank you so much for caring about our Vets in need.

In closing I would like to extend my personal thanks for your support and hope your travels are safe and good health goes with you.  See you next season.

Chris Knapton

Group Commander

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From Sues Desk…

From Sue’s Desk at Sundance 1 RV Activities Office – The Activities Office is gradually winding down.  We’ve a few events scheduled for April and the various activities are ending as their monitors head for home.  For those of you, like me, who will be staying here this summer, be sure to check Juanita’s calendar for plenty to do.

Below you will find a few of the already contracted events for next season from dances, shows and tag-a-longs.

Please have yourselves a safe, healthy summer as we’ll be anxiously awaiting your return in the fall.

April 3 – Tag-a-Long to Barro’s Pizza meeting there at 4:30pm – sign up in Activities

April 7 – Free Friday Night Movie at 6:30 in the Hole in the Wall

April 10- Progressive Dinner throughout  the park – sign up in Activities

April 12 – Happy Hour at the Patio with the popular yard games – bean bag toss & ring toss

2017/2018 Events (to date)

10/21 – Dance with Dale Heinle & Whiskey Creek

10/28 – Halloween Dance with Midnight Moon

11/4 – Northwind Band

11/11 – Dance with That Kool Band

11/18 – Dance with the 3 Speed Band

12/16 – Dance with the Keepsakes

12/20 – The Gordy and Debbie Show

12/31 – NYE with The Brookharts

1/6 –  Luau Party & Dance with Kevin Moen

1/13  –  Jack Jackson Show

1/17 – Johnny Cash Tribute Show

1/20 – Saguaro Sunset Band

1/21 – Steve Forester Gospel Group – 2pm

1/27 – Dance with 6 Ft Up

1/31 – Mario Carboni – The Honky Tonk Rebel, Show

2/3 – Dance with Campbell Brothers

2/7 – Elvis Tribute with Danny Vernon

2/10 – Dance with The 8 Tracks

3/3 – Dance with Come Back Buddy

3/11 – Bernie and Red Show

3/17 – St Patrick’s Day with Debbie & Double Eagle Dance

3/24—Dance with the Campbell Brothers

With the exception of the swimming pool hours noted below, all the activities will remain the same day/same time/same location as this season.  Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

Swimming Pool Hours Effective 10-1-17

7:15-8am  Aerobics

8:00-9am Lap Swimming

9:00-10am  2nd Aerobics

10:00-11:30am  Open Swim

11:30-12:30pm Water Exercise

12:30-2pm Children’s Time

2:00-4pm  Open Swim

4:00-6pm  Children’s Time

6:00-10pm  Open Swim


No children are allowed in the hot tub under the age of 18.

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End of Season Dinner on April 6, 2017

We will be preparing various dishes from the ingredients in our freezer and pantry. Come enjoy one last dinner this season!

$2 per plate at the Door   Sign up in Activities before April 5 so we have an approximate head count!

Thank you for your support of our Kitchen this Season!

Quad/Razor Squad…

Our year of ATVing in the desert is winding down.  We had a great year of riding with so many memorable times.  The desert is very green this year and the flowers are really starting to come out.

We are always anxious for new riders so if you want to get on my email list please send me a note.  Marilyn Wyant

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This is the last newsletter for 2016-2017 pool hall.  We had a great turnout for this season.  Our largest turnout was 28 shooters and we are still getting an average of 18 to 22 on Mondays and Thursdays. The new addition of the Olhausen Tables plus remodel of the room made for a more inviting hall as evident in the number of shooters using the room.

I would like to wish Harvey & Marlene Olender a safe trip home as they have been great neighbors to myself and Candy for the past 6 years.  As everyone knows they will not be returning and will be missed.  Harvey, nickname HOOK’EM HARVEY and Marlene have contributed a lot to the success of the park activities starting the horseshoe and shuffleboard area.  Harvey was instrumental in starting and running the Coyote Pool league.  I’d like to thank all the players that came in early on Mondays and Thursdays to help clean the tables before each tournament and donation of rags.  Just a reminder for the year round residence who uses the pool tables, keep them clean, the vacuum cleaner is in the cabinet and the X-brush so when you finish shooting clean the pool tables, there is windex glass cleaner to wipe the black rails off to keep the pool cloth clean.

Once again from all of us at the pool hall safe travels and thanks.

These are the results for February & March.

Feb. 13 1-15 – Tied for 1st – Darrell Tritt & CJ Schelling 2nd -Steve Eaton Tied for 3rd – Allan Strawn, Rob Milder & Bud Drake Tied for 4th – Jim Eaton & Chris E.

Feb 16th  8 Ball – 1st -Darrell Tritt 2nd – Lyle Morlock  3rd – Rob Milder Tied for 4th – Tony Lau & CJ Schelling

Feb 20th – 1-15 – Tied for 1st – Dave Rowan & Dennis Mohagan  2nd – Allan Strawn 3rd – Darrell Tritt 4th – Larry Tobin

Feb. 23rd 8 Ball Tied for 1st – CJ Schelling & Darrell Tritt 2nd -Bud Drake 3rd – Tony Lau 4th – Jim Eaton

Feb. 27th – 1-15 – 1st – Tony Lau 2nd – Steve Eaton Tied for 3rd – Dave Rowan & Rob Milder Tied for 4th – Allan Strawn,  Max Zallar & Larry Tobin

Mar 3rd   – 8 Ball-1st – CJ Schelling – Tied for 2nd – Max Zallar,  Bill 3rd – Bob Christie 4th – Bud Drake

Mar 6th – 1-15 – Tied for 1st – CJ Schelling & Larry Tobin 2nd – Darrell Tritt 3rd – Cal Aumuller Tied for 4th – Rob Milder,  Harvey Olender

Mar. 9th –  8 Ball Tied for 1st – Darrell Tritt & Bob Christie 2nd – Tony Lau 3rd – Bud Drake 4th – Wolf Konopek

Mar.13th 1-15  – Tied for 1st -Dennis Mohagan, Dave Rowan & Bud Drake – Tied for 2nd – Max Zallar, Mike White & Cal Aumuller – Tied for 3rd – Darrell Tritt, CJ Schelling & Rob Milder – 4th  Jim Eaton

Mar.16th – 8 Ball 1st – Mike White 2nd – Darell Tritt  Tied for 3rd – Harvey Olender & Bob Kingery 4th – CJ Schelling