April 2016 Smoke Signal

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                                          From the Manager’s desk…

Can’t believe this is the last Smoke Signal for the Season. I hope everyone had a wonderful time and are planning to return.

Again I want to thank all our employees for all their work this year. The park had the no vacancy sign up for several days in February. Everyone worked very hard to make your stay here as pleasant as possible.

Annual Residents: Leave the name of your caretaker with the office along with you mailing labels. Put a set of keys in an envelope and leave them in your mail box. Let the office know your departure date.

Caretakers: Leave a list of your customers with the office.

The water in the park will be off April 5th from 10am till 12pm (noon) for minor repairs.

Several of our Staff will not be returning next season, some to travel and some to just relax. Want to thank Larry and Mary Shumway for all their work over the last 12 years. We are also losing George and Cheri O’Brien, Gary and Bernie Miller, Ron and Mary Swanigan, Jim and Cindi Flowers. We wish you the best and hope to see you soon.

Steve and I along with the staff, want to wish everyone safe travels and a wonderful summer. We look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Steve and Sally Jo Johnson, Managers

This park is like heaven to us please don’t drive like hell through it.


 Maintenance is being done on the park’s cable system for your televisions.  This work began on March 28 and will continue approximately through the end of May.  Please be aware there may be periodical outages daily between 8am and 3pm.  Thank you for understanding.

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Ping Pong…

We have had a great turn out for ping pong during January & February & March. Lots of great fun and good exercise. The season is coming to an end. Have a great summer and safe travels back home. See you in the fall.

Town Council…

The Town Council of Sundance held its monthly meeting on March 9th. The current members are Harold Beach, Bob Hurst, Sheila Keyman, Paul Knapp, Alice Neuok and Paul Street. New members are Erick Ayres, Paul Brown, George Jueckstock, Paul Knapp and John Walton.

The meeting was spent meeting the new members and covering regular business.

A special thank you was given to outgoing members Bob Hurst, Paul Street and Harold Beach for their time and service.

The complete minutes are available in the activity office.

If you have any concern please speak with one of the members or fill out a comment form found in the activities office and place it in the utility mail slot located in the office wall across from the post office door. Any signed form will be addressed.


NEWS NEWS NEWS!   We sold the bingo board the end of March!

Wow and talking about a season, we had record crowds, new machine and board, new personnel, and then there has been the learning curve for the new callers on the new machine.  A few hiccups, but,over all, the machine and its workers are doing fantastic.  Hopefully before the start of next season all the bugs will be gone.

Now to rumors, no I am not leaving Bingo, the lead for CARD Bingo is open if anyone is interested see Sue in Activities.

I wish all of our winners the best of congratulations for the entire season, look forward to seeing all of you next year.  We plan on continuing this years Bingo thru April 12th.  So come see us before you leave, if you are planning to leave before then, I wish you all the safest travels, best of health and look forward to next year.

Bye y’all,




As the season is quickly coming to an end we must be thankful for all the great weather much sunshine and plenty of playing time. We have all enjoyed the play and friendship of another season. We have had several new players and welcomed them and encouraged them to keep coming back.
The shuffleboard group would also like to thank owners and management for all the support they provide the shuffleboard adios activity. Also must say thanks for all the work done to make the sports complex very attractive.
We will continue to play shuffleboard into early April.
Have a safe and happy summer see you in the fall.
Joe Hessquilt 2

Sewing Activities Yearly Wrap Up

What a great year we’ve had in the Sewing Room.  Many new members have joined us, great new and innovative classes were held, and a successful quilt show and numerous charity projects for local community charities were completed.  It’s hard to believe another season has come to an end. In fact, the Sewing Room will be closed for the season on April 16.

The Viewer’s Choice Awards for the Quilt and Fabric Arts Show were announced at the end-of-hear pool party on March 19.  Large Item winners were: 1st – Sue Taylor, 2nd-Sally Brown and 3rd Sue Taylor’s daughter, Paige Wright.  Medium Sized Item Winners: 1st Sassy Skinner, 2nd Doretta Oakleif, 3rd Sally Brown.  Small Item Winners: 1st Bernice Creighton, 2nd-Caroline McDonald, 3rd Ann Rudesell.  Table Item Award Winners: 1st Glenice Crockett (rope bowl), 2nd Sassy Skinner (sewing machine cover and pad), 3rd Angela Gish (tote bag).

We’d like to thank our co-leaders Sally Brown and Sue Roberts for two years of great leadership and to all the volunteers and officers who have contributed to this season’s success.  We’d also like to announce that the new co-chairs for next season are Debbie Lewis and Sharon Sterk.

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From Sue’s Desk at Sundance 1 RV Activities Office—The Activity Office is gradually winding down.  We’ve a few events scheduled for April and the various activities are ending as their monitors head for home.  For those of you, like John & I, who will be staying here this summer, be sure to check Juanita’s calendar for plenty to do.

Below you will find a few of the already contracted events for next season from dances, shows, and tag-a-longs.  The Lip Sync show in January, 2017, will feature Rock and Roll with the theme of “Happy Daze”.  Put on your thinking caps and join us remembering our youth.  We encourage new participants and their ideas!

Please have yourselves a safe, healthy, summer as we’ll be anxiously awaiting your return in the fall!

Sue Valentine & John Thalman


organ stop welcome sign

April 1—Tag-a-Long to Mining Camp Restaurant & Trading Post for 4pm seating

April 2—Dance to the talent of Dale Heinle from 7-10pm in the Hole in the Wall

April 6—5pm on the pool patio—End of the Season Happy Hour—bring your own beverage & snack to share

April 8—Free Friday Night Movie at 6:30pm—feature to be announced

April 13—Tag-a-Long to Barro’s Pizza for 4:30pm seating


2016/2017  Events (to date)

10/29—Halloween Party

11/12—CC Collier Dance

11/26—DJ Dick Anderson

12/10—Dale Heinle


1/07—Dakota Kid Dance

1/14—Campbell Bros Dance

1/21—DJ Dick Anderson

1/25—Almost Willie Show

1/28—The 8 Tracks Dance

2/04—Debbie & Dbl Eagle Dance

2/11—Western Days

2/14—Peter, Paul, Mary Tribute

2/18—Hands Across the Border

2/25—Dale Heinle & Whiskey Creek Band

2/26—Brad Fitch—John Denver Tribute

3/1—Bernie & Red Show

3/4—Saguaro Sunset Band

3/15—DeLon Country Music Show

3/18—Campbell Bros Dance

3/25—DJ Dick Anderson


In the Good Old Days…

A keyboard was a piano.

A web was a spider’s home.

A virus was the flu.

A cursor used profanity.

A mouse pad was where a mouse actually lived.

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Quad/Razor Riders…

I’m sad to see our season is coming to an end.  We have had some excellent rides and have formed long-lasting friendships.  Have a great summer and look forward to seeing all of you next season!

Marilyn Wyant


From the Kitchen…

Hi Everyone!

Our season is quickly drawing to a close. We want to thank all of you who have participated in our events. We sure hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have! Sad to say this will be Larry’s and my last year in the kitchen. We will still be in the park.

A special thanks goes out to CHERI & GEORGE O’BRIEN, if it were not for them saying they would help me I would not have been able to do these last 2 years! THANK YOU!!!

I also want to thank all of my awesome volunteers over the years, especially this past year. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!

April is “Mary’s Choice Month” Where I get to choose which of the delicious foods that we have left will go on sale. Keep an eye out for fliers as to what and when.


Have a great Summer!


For those still remaining in the park, we will be going to Barrows for pizza (tag-a-long) on April 17 from 3-6pm.  We will then return to Sundance for games.

This will be the last official get together for the season.

Thank You, Darcus Arnold

Cactus Needles…

Our knitting needles and crochet hooks were very busy this season.  We had a great year, made new friends, shared lots of laughs, and even managed to donate over 225 handmade items to local charities.   Looking forward to seeing your finished “opportunity” challenges when you return!  Have a great summer—see you next season—Karen  Fulner

Country Store…


Thanks to all Sundance residents and guests for making our Country Stores so successful. Our vendors are very pleased with the response to their products and services, and many of them will be returning next season.

We are always looking for new vendors with exciting products. If you know anyone who would like to participate in our Country Stores, please have them contact me at the number below or our Activity Office.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who assisted with the Country Stores in set-up, announcements, distribution of raffle tickets and vendor relations. You are all so special and a big reason why our Country Stores work so well.

Our first Country Store in the fall will be November 4, and thereafter the first Friday of each month through March, 2017.

I wish all of you a safe and happy summer.  Fritzi Ferguson

March 4 Variety Show

March 4 Variety Show


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Doug & Jean Secrist 4-3 418 A
Gene Teel 4-4 663 B
Gordon Beck 4-5 495 B
Dale Heinle 4-6 482 B
Dave & Carol Lund 4-9 499 A
Cindi Flowers 4-13 483 B
Ron Swanigan 4-16 493 B
Connie Jurgens 4-23 403 B
Sheila Keyman 4-23 165 B

Congratulations &Thank you…

Those doing Show and Tell from the Ceramic Group were entered into a drawing.  The winner of a piece of green ware was Dianne Partridge—Congratulations!

We hope this will spark more residents to show their talents.  It was a very nice exhibit by sewers, stain glass, wood carvers, crafty ladies,  photographers, etc.  We have such wonderful talent in our park. Thank you all for taking the time to Show & Tell.

I wish to thank all for your prayers and assistance given Tom and I during my recent surgery.  You’re all so wonderful and God Bless all of you.

Liz Ellerbusch

I want to thank everybody for the get well cards, prayers, and comforting wishes.  Special thanks to Alice Vosberg, Mary Gohl, and Marcia Tabery for all their care and services.  Thanks everybody.  Love, Pat Leir

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