2 Old Dudes Food Vendor

Sundance 1 has a new Food Vendor in the Park.  Their name is 2 Old Dudes.  Owners of 2 Old Dudes actually reside in the Park.  They started selling on Nov 6, 2017.  Serving breakfast, lunch and early dinner.  If you have not tried them, please check them out.  They have a tips/donation charge.  All monies collected in the jar is being given to the local Veterans Group.  The following is their schedule starting Nov 13.

MONDAY, NOV 13 – 10 AM-5 PM                                                                 CLOSED ON TUESDAY

WEDNESDAY, NOV 15 – FRIDAY, NOV 17 – 8 AM-5 PM                               CLOSED ON SATURDAY

SUNDAY, NOV 19 – 8 AM-5 PM